UnGagged Review

Similar to the brief introduction above, UnGagged is quite similar to an event organizer, but it focuses solemnly on digital marketing topics. So far, it has held its events in the U.S. and the U.K.

UnGagged Review
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It will select the speakers for each session and choose specific topics as well as arrange for the whole day.

Participants can choose which session and topic they will have. Yet, they don’t have ‘pre’ materials or descriptions about the session that they will have.

This 2014-built marketing agency provides the best event you can join. Although it does not mention the founder on the official website, the company is trusted by many participants. 

Also, it has amazing back-ups, starting from serpbook, STATE OF DIGITAL, keyword.com, SEO REVIEW TOOLS, etc. There are people who look for this event, fulfilling the brand’s social media with more than 5.5K followers! 

Based on the online UnGagged review, some participants find the topic quite monotonous and in contrast to what they believe. Yet generally, most participants leave a good review stating that they gain valuable insights. 

Then, keep reading this review if you want to know more about the events and the company. First, let’s start the discussion with reasons to choose it for your learning companion! 

Why UnGagged?

Well, learning SEO can be anywhere. You might also have found other conferences discussing SEO and other similar topics, but here are several reasons why UnGagged is not like the others.

Why UnGagged?
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facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

Keep reading the following explanations for more insights! 

  • No Recording

Participants and speakers are not allowed to record or bring any gadgets that could capture the session. Why? Because it aims to encourage the speakers to talk freely without the fear of being broadcasted mistakenly.

In addition, there will not be any censors for the speaker so that they can mention any cutting-edge ‘secrets’ and techniques freely. 

  • Varied Topics

All sessions bring a hot topic that is useful practically and fundamentally. The topics specify email marketing, influencer marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, technical SEO, UX, UI, NLP, PPC, CRO, voice, link building, and many more.

Those topics sometimes even carry some workshop sessions that participants could get really into the working, not just the theory. As a result, you can learn deeply and better understand digital marketing. 

  • The Real Expert Speakers

It welcomes everyone interested to be a speaker. Yet being one requires a selective process. There are some requirements, like the material for the presentation must be brand new and no third party may involve.

As the speaker is the important aspect in most UnGagged reviews, the team will really track the speaker down by having a meeting and seeing the presentation in person first.  

  • Excellent Service

The team will consider various things before booking the place of the conference, like public transport access, food, inclusiveness, and others. Most reviews leave a good comment on their foods and beverages and also the service.

They also consider the ratio of 1 speaker for 16 participants. So don’t worry, it won’t be that crowded. Then, after the talking session, all participants and speakers could meet and connect.  

What's on UnGagged

Though the latest event was held in November 2021, it may announce its upcoming event in 2023. For the most updated post, you can follow them on their social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

What's on UnGagged
Image credit: facebook.com/UnGaggedUK
facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

The latest event was in Fenchurch Place London for a one-day session on the 19th of November 2021. In addition, there were 15 speakers and 14 sessions. All was done in person, not virtual or hybrid.

The targets of the conference are intermediate to advanced SEO workers and digital marketers. So, to get the best out of the conference, some basic knowledge of the digital marketing field is required at least.

The speakers for this event came from varied fields and outstanding backgrounds, like SEO London, Yoast, Orainti, Chris Simmance Ltd., deCabbit Consultancy, and many more.

As a result, the participants left a positive UnGagged review as they were satisfied with the topics delivered by the speakers. 

UnGagged Events Review

As it has held conferences since 2015, there have been dozens of Marketing Events up to now. Though the responses are varied, generally, the event leaves a positive impression on the participants as the event keeps coming back each year.

UnGagged Events Review
Image credit: facebook.com/UnGaggedUK
facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

Even during COVID-19, there were some events held in London, New York, and Las Vegas. Technically, the UnGagged team worked their best in conducting the event by choosing the proper place, selecting various speakers, and running the whole event smoothly.

Again, some of the UnGagged reviews show disappointment in the speakers. Some speakers are considered knowledgeable and experts but have fewer presentation skills.

Some are quite bold and talkative speakers, but some may deliver ‘boring’ delivery presentations. However, all the materials are still avant-garde and practical for the participants. 

Still, joining the course will help you to dig deeper into digital marketing. If you’re interested, click the link below and book a seat now! 

How Does UnGagged Work?

If you are interested in attending one of its conferences, you can go to its official website and purchase a ticket. It usually redirects you to Eventbrite.com to purchase the ticket.

After you get your ticket, all you need to do is to come to the avenue at the designated time and place. Then, listen well to the speaker and raise your questions during the Q&A session.

Finally, do not forget to create connections as many as you can during lunch together between speakers and participants. Thus, you can develop your business effectively! 

UnGagged Pricing

As discussed, every participant who wants to enroll in the event should purchase a ticket. However, it is limited, meaning you must get it when booking opens.  

The ticket prices vary each year. For example, in 2015, it cost £595 in London, and in 2018 it cost $745 in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the latest event in London (2021) costs only £330, including VAT.

So indeed, it varies. They also sell early bird tickets, which are mostly cheaper. Then, ensure to book the London 2023 tickets once the access is available to save you a seat! 

UnGagged Pros & Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of this company is an important insight. Then, find the comparison on the list below! 


  • Exclusive speakers and content presentations that you won’t find anywhere
  • Awesome service
  • Various topics with practical strategies and tips


  • No specific description of the session and speakers
  • Some speakers may not deliver as well as others

UnGagged Customer Reviews

Attending a digital marketing event is easy. But mustn’t you know the participant’s reaction to know whether the event is helpful? Then, keep reading this section to find the answer. 

UnGagged Customer Reviews
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facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

The only rating UnGagged receives is 4.1/5 from 116 reviews on Trustpilot. Meanwhile, below is what a customer said after attending the event:

The speakers were very knowledgeable in their fields, and the presentations were very easy to understand. They covered so many lessons in less time, which helped us to learn new strategies we could use in our business platform. … 

This participant finds speakers clever, and the material is easy to grasp. Furthermore, he and other participants get new insights to develop their businesses. 

Another one stated:

… I absolutely enjoyed my first attendee at an event like this. I don’t remember looking at a bad speaker or bad presentation. I’ve learnt much in a short pace, and I’d love to participate once again in the future. …

This participant enjoys her time because she can learn many valuable lessons. She also wants to join another event from UnGagged later. 

The last one said:

Every session has takeaways I can implement right away and see the results quickly. The conference had friendly staffs and by far one of the better lunches/dinners catered conferences I have ever attended,

This last customer also can’t stop admiring the event since the material is helpful. Furthermore, the staffs are friendly, and the conference provides delicious cuisines. 

Thus, the conclusion is UnGagged provides the best during the events. Many participants are satisfied because the materials are helpful for their businesses. 

Is UnGagged Worth It?

We know well that developing a business through digital marketing is not easy. However, UnGagged shortens your needs by providing a worth-attending marketing event!

Is UnGagged Worth It?
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facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

In addition, it features knowledgeable speakers that will give you insights. As a result, you can immediately practice the lessons and see your business develops regularly! 

Is UnGagged Legit?

Since this online service company only sells tickets through the official website, you may be worried if you get scammed. However, stop overthinking since UnGagged is legit

Is UnGagged Legit?
Image credit: facebook.com/UnGaggedUK
facebook.com/UnGaggedUK https://facebook.com/UnGaggedUK

Indeed, it has a secure SSL, which protects your data from leaking. Furthermore, participants may read every terms and condition, including contact person whenever they need assistance. So, let’s book a seat now! 

Where to Book UnGagged

The official website is the only place to book a seat for the marketing event from UnGagged. However, you will find several events set by different speakers. 

Therefore, please be careful before booking a seat. Also, ensure that well-spoken speakers lead the event. Hence, you will not regret attending the event!

How to Contact UnGagged

If you are unsure about the terms and conditions, contact customer service using the following methods to ask for assistance. Here they are:

The team will immediately answer your question. However, please be patient and wait at least 24 hours for the response. Below is the address you can visit if you need a face-to-face meeting. 

UnGagged Address 
87 – 88 Turnmill Street
London EC1M 5QU


Based on the UnGagged review, the downs of the events mostly come from the delivery of the speakers. To overcome this, you can try to google each speaker first and consider their topic.

If you find them well-spoken and the topic is interesting, just book the session, and you won’t get disappointed. Overall the money you spend is worth the knowledge and experience. Then, are you ready to address the book of SEO conference UK and US? 

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