BannerBuzz Review

Advertising is a must for developing your business. However, you can’t only focus on digital marketing. BannerBuzz will aid you in attracting people to your business with conventional advertisement. 

BannerBuzz Review
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This printing company was founded in 2010 by Mr. Nishant Shah. He tends to fill in a vacant space of people’s requests in custom design. Fortunately, his business has grown bigger and has more than seven manufacturers worldwide

Nowadays, the company has more than 14K customer reviews! Its exciting idea even attracts more than 52.5K followers on Facebook and Instagram. Also, it has a #Beevisible tagline to motivate you in promoting your business significantly. 

If you’re a business owner wanting to reach more audiences, look at this BannerBuzz review. Hence, are you ready to read this article? Let’s begin! 

Why Shop at BannerBuzz Printing?

In the previous introductory section, you have brief insights regarding the brand. However, do you know why you should print at this place? Please read the explanation carefully to dig deeper into this printing company.  

Why Shop at BannerBuzz Printing?
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As discussed, it is a trusted company with many customers. In addition, many of them return to this company to order more products. They are the proof of why this company doesn’t let them down. 

Second, the company prioritizes you by offering many discounts and wholesale prices. If you’re a first buyer, don’t forget to use the FIRSTORDER code to gain a 20% discount. Furthermore, you’ll get a free design for carts over $500.00!  

This printing brand does not differ in customers. Instead, it provides high-quality ads that suit small or big businesses. Whatever product you’re selling, the brand will help print the appropriate marketing properties for your store. 

You may find it worrying not to have design skills. But, no need to worry because this brand provides practical design tools and professional designers to hire. Not to mention that the device is easy to use, and the hiring price is affordable! 

Last but not least, it ships internationally and offers fixed-rate shipping for US orders. This brand has US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, India, and China manufacturers. So, you can order from your nearest place to have flash printing and shipping. 

Thus, do not waste energy to find another printing company but choose BannerBuzz for your business affairs! 

What's on BannerBuzz Printing

As I told you before, the company has many advertising products you can purchase to engage customers. It offers nine categories for small and big businesses. 

What's on BannerBuzz Printing
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Please take a look at the table below to see them. 

Banners Stands and Displays Table Covers and Displays
Custom Flags Compliance Signs Signs and Decals
Clothing  Marketing Materials Accessories

However, this BannerBuzz review will only elaborate on three, are:

  • Custom Business Cards
  • Table Runners
  • Step and Repeat Banners

So if you’re interested in the products, let’s move to the first product review to introduce your business to the world! 

BannerBuzz Custom Business Cards Reviews

Custom Business Cards are essential to telling people your business exists when you own a business. It is also functional for the employee to introduce themselves during an important client meeting.

BannerBuzz Custom Business Cards Reviews
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Luckily, this company offers a business card you can customize horizontally or vertically. In addition, the paper is available in three types: gloss, matte, and uncoated paper finish. You may also choose to use the front or both sides

Customers can personalize it with creative designs from texts, logos, or even images. Furthermore, the brand provides cards in various sizes, from 50 to 10000

What if you have your design? That’s good! Because you can proceed with the checkout immediately. But if you need help, use the design tool or hire a professional designer from the company. 


  • Available horizontally or vertically
  • Customizable to three paper types
  • Can use the front only or front and back sides 
  • It can be combined with text, logo, and images
  • Available in packs from 50 to 10000 
  • It may be designed personally or use the provided designer and tool

So, let’s order these business cards starting from $8.99!

BannerBuzz Table Runners Reviews

Next, Table Runners are essential for your event display. The company offers this personalized product you can customize in size, color, and design

BannerBuzz Table Runners Reviews
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Currently, there are seven available sizes and a customized one. In addition, you can choose the finishing type from a hot-cut knife or sewn edges. 

Don’t forget to submit a design if you make it yourself. However, customers may utilize the provided online design tool or hire a professional designer. 


  • Customizable in size, color, and design
  • Available in seven exact sizes and customized in one 
  • Offers two finishing type
  • It may be designed personally or use the provided designer and tool

Then, if you need this item, click the link below to get it starting from $37.13!

BannerBuzz Step and Repeat Banners Reviews

Step and Repeat Banners are the most prominent properties of your brand’s presence. Promoting your business is functional and can be used as a selfie wallpaper! 

BannerBuzz Step and Repeat Banners Reviews
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Luckily, BannerBazz offers this adjustable banner for your store. It is made of high-quality PVC and can be used indoors or outdoors

The banner materials are vinyl and polyester. If you need the more durable one, then choose the waterproof vinyl. Also, the size is customizable in six fixed sizes or a personalized one

You can choose between the top and bottom pole pockets, left and right, or the top only for hanging. Also, add a logo to give a more fancy design. Furthermore, outdoor use recommends having laminating features so that it can hold on to bad weather.

Remember to submit your design or use the provided design tools. But if you prefer a professional designer to handle this, prepare more budget for the hiring. 


  • Customizable in size, color, and design
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors 
  • Provides laminating banner for outdoor use
  • Available in six exact sizes and customized in one 
  • Offers two materials and three hanging options
  • It may be designed personally or use the provided designer and tool

Hence, let’s prepare a budget of at least $11.98 to buy this banner!

How Much is The BannerBuzz Price?

Price is always essential for business owners. I can say that because you must estimate how much money to spend that can bring more advantageous effect. 

But, no need to worry because this company offers a low price. You can prepare for at least $0.20 to buy Compliance Signs.

The most expensive is SEG Portable S Shape Queuing Panel, which costs $9305.28. I recommend subscribing to the website to frequently get limited offers and discount codes. So, are you ready to make an order now? 

BannerBuzz Instruction

How to Place an Order?

Don’t you curious about how to place an order with this company? Below, I will write the explanation thoroughly. So, check it out!

  1. First, select your desired advertising product, such as flags, table covers, etc. 
  2. Then, scroll down to fill in the size and quantity. It is customizable so that you can adjust it based on your needs. 
  3. Once you finish completing the requirement, move on to the design. If you have it, then choose Upload Artwork.
  4. If you intend to design it directly, then choose Design Online. Here, the brand gives an easy-to-use design tool. 
  5. But if you prefer to hire a professional, then prepare more budget of around $9.99
  6. Please ensure you like the design, then click Save 
  7. After that, Proceed and Checkout
  8. Please complete the payment immediately then the team will begin printing your order.
  9. That’s it! 

Customers can adjust their needs effectively thanks to the brand’s efficient order instruction. Now, let’s see what you need the best to enhance more customers! 

Is BannerBuzz a Good Company?

After reading the upper section of this review, I can say that this company is good at dealing with products and services. In addition, it provides exclusive features to ease customers during the order process.

Furthermore, many people like the design tool since it is easy to use. You may even ask for help if you do not understand how it works. 

The quality is also well-made, allowing you to have new marketing properties to increase engagement. So, you do not need to debate but accepting the brand is good with the other 99.4% of customers who repurchase the products. 

BannerBuzz Pros and Cons

In the middle of this BannerBuzz review, I want you to understand the brand’s good and bad sides. So, I’ll break them down in this pros and cons section. Here we go! 

BannerBuzz Pros

  • Provides high-quality printing for business advertising
  • Suitable for small or big businesses
  • Offers many categories to select from banners, flags, etc
  • Offers affordable prices and more affordable bulk orders
  • Offers easy-to-use design tools and a professional designer  
  • It has seven manufacturing locations worldwide
  • Provides 120-day quality guarantee
  • Ships internationally
  • Provides fixed shipping rates for US orders
  • Provides 48-hour return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from clients 

BannerBuzz Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the exact shipping US rates 

Is BannerBuzz Worth to Buy?

You read all along the information about this company. And I think you have the same opinion as me saying that BannerBuzz is worth it. It is a printing service that can grow your business well.

Not only does the brand offers wholesale prices, but also the quality is beyond compare. You won’t get this high-quality printing from other companies affordably!

Furthermore, its easy instruction to order gives a plus point. You do not need other agents to finish the task, from designing to customizing the product. Hence, are you ready to provide significant changes to your business? 

BannerBuzz Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

While writing this BannerBuzz review, I think you need to do a little exploration of customer satisfaction. It will be a great help in defining the product’s quality. So, here we go!

BannerBuzz Customer Reviews
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These are the rating of the abovementioned marketing properties:

  • Custom Business Cards receive a 4.39/5 rating out of 2063 reviews
  • Table Runners obtain a 4.6/5 rating out of 4149 reviews
  • Step and Repeat Banners get a 4.53/5 rating out of 9512 reviews

To complete the high rating, here is one customer stated:

These cards arrive quicker than expected. They are good quality and just as we wanted. Great value for money, too! Very happy.

This customer is satisfied with the excellent quality of his ordered business cards. Furthermore, it arrives safely and quickly. 

Another one said:

I loved the table runner I received. It was good, durable material, and it shipped well within time for my event!

This buyer is happy because the table runner is durable. Furthermore, it arrives on time before her big event begins. 

The last buyer said:

Very quick! Our order arrived well, the printing clarity of the banners is excellent, and they worked well on our home show display. It is also easy to pack down and store

This customer finds the banner excellent due to the printing clarity and hanging option. Also, it is easy to pack and store, making him satisfied with the orders. 

Thus, I can say that many customers fall in love with the product and service from BannerBuzz. The quality is magnificent, the shipping is excellent, and everything is perfect! 

BannerBuzz Customer Service

Do you want to ask more about the printing process or design tool? Then, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at the undermentioned steps:

  • Shoot customer service an email to
  • Make a live conversation through an 800-580-4489 phone number
  • Tell your business in the Contact Us form 
  • Mention your question on the website’s live chat
  • Send a Messenger on Facebook
  • Hit a message on Instagram 

The team will do its best to answer your queries. However, please will wait up to 24 hours to obtain a response. You may also come to the following address. 

Registered Office Operation Facility
595 Old Norcross Road
Suite G, Lawrenceville 
GA, 30046, US

16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, DE 19959 US

595 Old Norcross Road
Suite G. Lawrenceville
GA 30046, US 

3440 E, Roeser Road
Phoenix, AZ 85040 US

Where to Buy BannerBuzz

The official website is the only place to order the best printing from this brand. Please log in to your account first before consulting the design and placing an order. 

Additionally, the brand will finish the printing as fast as possible and send it immediately. This mission is to let you do the tracking conveniently before it arrives at your door. 

Also, do not forget to write the correct website to avoid an alternative company. Plus, the brand will offer many coupons to give you more discounts. So, stay tuned to the website and its social media! 


Learn deeper on BannerBuzz

The company understands you have more attention on it. So, please read the following section to answer your curiosity! 

Who owns BannerBuzz?

Mr. Nishant Shah is the founder and CEO of this printing business. 

Where is BannerBuzz based?

This company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

How long does it take for BannerBuzz to ship?

The team will finish printing your order within 12 to 24 hours. Once they complete the task, it will be packed immediately. 


You must do deep research before printing the marketing properties. Luckily, BannerBuzz is a trusted company that you can trust due to its high rating and well-made products.

Furthermore, you do not need many things to finish the tasks from designing to printing. Merely trust the brand to engage more audience. So, let’s place an order now! 

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