NeonChamp Reviews

NeonChamp offers LED neon signs for all occasions, including business. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t provide its profile, but it is worth checking out. 

NeonChamp Reviews
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It has various fonts and colors, allowing you to personalize an order. Additionally, business owners can trust the brand to create unique shapes of signs. 

Whatever the design, the team will try to provide a similar look to your order. Even better, its products are environmentally friendly and consume less energy. 

The brand offers a free standard shipping fee for all orders wherever you are. Due to this feature, the brand owns more than 4.6K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

Then, read this NeonChamp review to learn more about the brand. So, without waiting any longer, let’s begin the exploration!  

Why Shop at NeonChamp?

When you want to make a neon lamp order, you must check the good parts of the brand. So here is the information you must know. Take a closer look now! 

NeonChamp Highlights 

  • The American-based neon light company
  • Offers 12 color selections for all items 
  • A wide variety of 36 fonts, from double-lined, block, and cursive ones
  • Free-design service which allows you to review the appearance
  • Sustainable and can work up to 50K hours
  • LED neon signs consume less energy and environment-friendly
  • 24/7 customer service working hours 

What's On NeonChamp

Although I recommend this brand for business owners, it also offers other products for other occasions. Can you guess what the items are? 

What's On NeonChamp
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Here it is.

Flow-Mo Neon Sign Christmas Neon Sign Color Ring
Valentine’s Day Neon Signs Custom Neon Sign   

However, this NeonChamp review will focus only on the Custom Neon Sign and how to personalize your order. So if you don’t mind, let’s begin the discussion immediately! 

NeonChamp Custom Neon Sign Reviews

Custom Neon Sign is the only business owners need from this brand. This product lets you personalize the text, size, font type, and colors to engage more customers. 

NeonChamp Custom Neon Sign Reviews
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Additionally, there are 36 colors available that may suit your brand. You can design it independently, whether blue, yellow, or green. 

Clients may also choose types of backboards, hanging options, and with or without a controller. Furthermore, you can get it on Neon Signs, the color simultaneously changes, or Flow-Mo, which changes per letter.

But you do not need to worry because the price is cost-effective. Hence, if you need the LED neon sign right now, click the link below to begin the design process! 

How to Order NeonChamp?

As I told you before, customized design can attract more customers to purchase things from your brand. So how do you place an order? Below, I’ll explain the steps. 

  1. First of all, visit the Custom Neon Sign page. 
  2. Choose your preferred features from font color, backboard, hanging, and controller. After that, click Customize Neon Sign. 
  3. Then, you’ll choose between Neon Signs or Flow-Mo Signs. Neon Signs will change their color simultaneously, while Flow-Mo Signs change their color gradually from one letter to other. 
  4. Next, type the design you want—for example, your brand’s name, motto, or tagline. 
  5. Select the size or customize the design and the font types. 
  6. Preview the design and ensure everything is set perfectly. 
  7. Lastly, click Add to Cart at the upper part of the display and complete the payment. 
  8. That’s it! Let the team review your item and start production! 

I must say that the order process is easy. So, let’s create the best design you can perform to promote your business more! 

NeonChamp Pricing

This company offers a personalized lamp for all occasions, including brand promotion. Moreover, it has a Flow-Mo option in which the light is blinking. 

This feature may scare you due to the expensive budget. But, no need to worry because the price starts from $76.69. Meanwhile, the highest is the Don’t Quit Flow-Mo Sign, which costs $554.00

I’d recommend checking out your order by applying the available discount code. Therefore, you can purchase the item at a more reasonable price. 

NeonChamp Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are must-have discussions when you review a brand. Then, this NeonChamp review will tell you the list. Here they are.

NeonChamp Pros 

  • Personalized neon lamp for business engagement
  • Available in various colors and fonts
  • Offers only custom and Flow-Mo variants 
  • Design-proof and can be reviewed
  • Affordable prices, less energy, and easy to install 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Free shipping for all orders
  • 14-day return policy 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

NeonChamp Cons

  • No profile company 

Is NeonChamp Worth to Buy?

You do not need another answer except yes! Why? NeonChamp is a worth-it company you can trust to provide the best design for enhancing marketing strategy. 

I can say that because the products are beautiful and customizable. Additionally, every customer can have a 3-year warranty for every purchased item. 

Not to mention that the LED sign consumes less energy than traditional lamps. So, prepare the budget, and let’s personalize an order now!  

NeonChamp Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

While reading this NeonChamp review, you can’t forget a customer testimonial. This section is essential to read to avoid leading yourself to a scam. 

NeonChamp Customer Reviews
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Currently, the brand receives a 4.6/5 rating from 110 reviews. Also, 89% of them recommend the brand to others. So here is a statement from a customer:

My friend loves it, I buy it as a gift. Neon Champ has the best designs in terms of color, and customizing at the best price. …

This customer said that the product she buys is perfect. Therefore, her gift gets appreciated by her friend. She also claims that the brand has the ideal design, the best color, and price affordably. 

Another one said:

Our sign came quickly, and it looked so perfect! It is way better price than anywhere else I could find online. I’m so happy with my purchase.

This customer is happy with her purchase because it comes fast and perfectly fine. Furthermore, the price is excellent, making her satisfied. 

The last one said: 

I’m extremely happy with the item I get from Neon Champ. It was exactly what I wanted at a cost-effective price! 

This customer is also thrilled because the item looks similar to what she imagined. Even better, the price is affordable. 

I’ll summarize that NeonChamp performs fantastically in providing neon signs for all customers. As a result, most of them are delighted with the product, price, and shipping period.

How to Contact NeonChamp

Please find customer service at these steps if you need assistance before placing a customized neon lamp. 

  • Pop up an email to
  • Fill in a blank Get in Touch form
  • Make a live Conversation with the team
  • Contact immediately at +1 (800) 993 0992 

The team is steady for 24 hours and will return to you as soon as possible. Furthermore, you may also visit the headquarter at the following address. 

NeonChamp Address
752 Winer Industrial Way, 
Suite G Lawrenceville, GA
30046 USA

Where to Buy NeonChamp

The official website is the only place to personalize a lamp from this company. Additionally, every purchase will receive free shipping without a coupon code. 

Luckily, the company offers many discounts and deals. You can see what they are in the following section. But for now, let’s get the offer by clicking the link below! 

NeonChamp Discount Code

By the time I write this article, there are several deals you can apply to your order. Here they are:

  • Take 12% off sitewide with the WELCOME12 coupon code
  • Receive a Free Custom Neon Sign worth $200 when you order more than $1000 with the FREE200 discount code
  • Buy two items and get 5% off neon signs with the BUY2GET5 code
  • Buy three things and get 10% off neon signs with the BUY3GET10 code
  • Buy four items and get 15% off neon signs with the BUY4GET15 code

So, don’t forget to apply the deals to get the product at lower prices! 

NeonChamp Warranty

All products purchased from this company receive a manufacturing warranty to protect them from possible damage. Also, the things come with a 3-year warranty on electric elements. 

If it is needed, you’ll get a replacement from the source of the damage. To claim the policy, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Then, the team will guide you thoroughly. 


Personalizing a neon sign is no more difficult because NeonChamp provides design-proof features. Business owners can customize the lamp from text, color, fonts, and hanging options. 

Then, you can preview the design to ensure everything is perfect. Hence, are you ready to attract more customers? Let’s visit the site to make an order now! 

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