iDigic Instagram Booster Reviews

Enhancing personal and company branding begins with social media, such as Instagram. This platform is beneficial for selling products or services. So if you want to maximalize the features, look no further than iDigic

iDigic Instagram Booster Reviews
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This digital marketing agency was established nine years ago. Despite the founder’s name’s absence, this company performs excellently in providing boosters for Instagram. Furthermore, many clients trust the brand and repurchase again and again

The brand is outstanding and offers the best service for all customers, from likes, views, and followers. As a result, you can see the review from Platypus Reviews. The company even has more than 1.4K followers on Facebook and Twitter. 

So if you need a booster to enhance engagement, read this iDigic review thoroughly. Hence, let’s begin the exploration of the following section immediately! 

Why Shop at iDigic Instagram Booster?

Before digging deeper into the brand, let’s learn about the strength of this marketing agency. So, without further ado, please continue reading the explanations below. 

Why Shop at iDigic Instagram Booster?
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First, this company offers complete services concerning Instagram boosters. Clients may choose the one they need by adding likes, views, or followers. Furthermore, all the services provide a different number, allowing you to pick it up efficiently. 

Also, the brand ensures you obtain high-quality profiles so Instagram does not drop them out. The followers, likes, and views come from real people. They are not bots. Instead, real people are boosting your account.  

Next, the team will process your order within 30 seconds after the payment completion. This flash delivery allows you to see your Instagram account’s growth gradually. Therefore, you don’t need to wait longer than you ever imagined.  

I know that ordering a service may be confusing. But continuous customer service will accompany you 24/7. They are always online to ensure you don’t have any problems with the order, payment, or service.

Last but not least, this marketing agency offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with the service. To summarize, you do not need other options but trusting this agency to boost your Instagram account.

What's On iDigic Instagram Booster

You know that this marketing agency only provides boosters on Instagram. They include likes, followers, and views

What's On iDigic Instagram Booster
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However, this iDigic review will elaborate on two, are:

Let’s start the discussion on the first service without waiting any longer!

iDigic Buy Instagram Likes Reviews

Buy Instagram Likes will measure your metric of success. The more likes you get, the more your engagement grows. In addition, this company allows you to choose the packages efficiently. 

iDigic Buy Instagram Likes Reviews
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There are eight packages: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, and 10000. Every package includes guaranteed instant delivery, which will be delivered after two minutes

Furthermore, there is a possibility to split likes between one to other posts. Even better, they include free video views to enhance your Instagram account. 

No need to worry about the quality because the likes come from real people. You don’t need to leak your personal information to purchase this service. Merely submit the account and place an order. 

Then, if you need to grow your success rate, buy the package at these price categories. 

Amount  Price
50 $1.49
100 $2.95
250 $4.95
500 $6.95
1000 $12.95
2500 $29.95
5000 $39.95
10000 $69.95

iDigic Buy Instagram Followers Reviews

The second service you’ll need the most is Buy Instagram Followers. Like the previously discussed service, the brand allows you to choose between six packages

iDigic Buy Instagram Followers Reviews
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They include 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 followers. Additionally, they have different followers from High-quality and Super-quality

Most high people have profile pictures, whereas all super followers put up profile pictures. So both are real and organic, not bots. The team will start delivering after one to ten minutes after the payment completes. 

Furthermore, you only need to submit your account’s name. The speed may reach up to 500+ followers per hour. If you experience drops, the team will refill them immediately. 

If you want to buy this service, prepare the money under the prices below. 

Amount High-quality Price Super-quality Price
100 $2.95 $4.95
250 $4.95 $8.95
500 $6.95 $11.95
1000 $12.95 $19.95
2500 $29.95 $49.95
5000 $39.95 $84.95

iDigic Pricing

How much does the product costs?

The price of an online service may be higher than how you think. However, don’t worry because the standard cost from this company produces more for your social media engagement. 

Please get your wallet and prepare for at least $1.45 to order 50 Likes on Instagram. Meanwhile, you need to prepare for $84.95 to purchase 5000 super-quality Instagram followers. 

You may also get discounts from the available promotions and coupon codes. Hence, let’s prepare the budget to grow the benefits now! 

iDigic Follower Qualifications

High-quality vs Super-quality Followers

I know that you wonder about the differences between high-quality and super-quality. Look closer at the table to understand the difference between both terms. 

High-quality  Super-quality 
  • Normal Followers
  • Almost all of them have profile pictures
  • Some of them have posts 
  • The drop rate may be a little high 
  • Real Followers
  • All of them have profile pictures
  • Most of them have posts 
  • The drop rate is minimal

Both of them are incredibly good for your account. High-quality followers offer a more affordable price. However, you may choose the super to avoid any drop rate. So, which of them will you choose? 

iDigic Unlimited Free Instagram Follower

What will you get from Free Trial?

Before ordering the accurate service, customers may find it scary because, who knows, the brand may scam them. So, this marketing agency offers a Free Trial

All clients can try it by entering the details of their Instagram accounts and emails. After that, the team will immediately deliver free and authentic followers. 

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about safety because it guarantees 100% safety. Hence, are you interested in ordering the Free Trial? Click the link below for the trial now! 

iDigic Refill

As discussed, this marketing agency will automatically refill the Instagram followers you order. However, the higher the number, the more prolonged refill will take. 

The refill process will scan automatically every 48 to 72 hours. So what if you need to get followers faster? Then, fill in the refill request on this Free Refill link below.

Submit your Instagram account, and it will fill up immediately! Please remember that customers may only use it once every 4 hours. Let’s get ready to receive many followers from now on! 

How Does iDigic Work?

This section will give you insights into how this company work. Please read the explanation thoroughly so you won’t be confused about ordering the service. 

  1. First, customers choose the service. 
  2. Then, submit your Instagram account. 
  3. If you choose the likes and views service, then select the post and confirm.
  4. But if you choose followers, you may confirm the authentic account immediately.
  5. Afterwards, complete the checkout and payment. 
  6. Once you finish placing the order, the team will deliver your likes, views, or followers.
  7. Please wait up to 72 hours to complete the process and watch your Instagram account grow.
  8. That’s it! You have more sources to enhance engagement! 

The process is simple, and the team will do their best to finish it in a flash. So, let’s place an order now! 

iDigic Pros and Cons

This iDigic review will write its pros and cons in the middle of your reading. Then, find the strengths and weaknesses of the agency below! 

iDigic Pros

  • Pioneer in providing likes, views, and followers on Instagram
  • Promotes flash delivery and easy order
  • Suitable for influencer or business
  • Provides two different kinds of followers
  • Offers free trial and free refill 
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 30-day guarantee for unsatisfied customers
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

iDigic Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the founder. 

Is iDigic Worth to Buy?

There are many marketing agencies on the market. However, I can tell that iDigic is worth checking and ordering. You may purchase the best boosters for your Instagram. 

Additionally, the brand offers organic results, which may bring significant differences. Not only will you have a more successful rate, but also it gives a better effect on personal branding. 

Not to mention that the price is affordable due to the real-people followers, likes, and views. So, let’s check what you need and place an order ASAP! 

Is iDigic Legit?

I must say that iDigic is a legit marketing agency because it features a secure SSL. Customers can check every piece of information before placing an order, 

For example, the information includes product explanations, payment methods, customer service, and testimonials. Furthermore, you may ask directly on the website’s live chat. 

You don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Instead, trust this marketing agency to increase your Instagram engagement now! 

iDigic Customer Reviews

What do clients think?

Before placing an order from this iDigic review, many people look for it on review Reddit. But you may also trust this section because I will break it down thoroughly. 

iDigic Customer Reviews
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First, I must apologize because I can’t find any rating. However, these are examples of testimonials from all clients. 

This is a really good service. It helped my page out, and got more traffic to my Instagram page as a result. 

This customer finds the service good because it helps her page to get more traffic. As a result, it lets her have more engagement than before. 

Another one said:

Their service is great, can get the followers I wanted immediately. Cheap as well. This website is great, 10/10!

This client also loves the service because he can get many followers quickly. Furthermore, the price is affordable, and the website is fantastic. 

Therefore, this iDigic Instagram booster is excellent for providing more engagement. There is no disappointment, but most clients are satisfied with the result. 

How to Contact iDigic

You may have more questions concerning this company since buying Instagram boosters can feel so anxious. So, here are four methods you can apply:

  • Pop up customer service an email to
  • Tell your questions directly at the bottom right live chat on the website
  • Do a live conversation with the team at +1 (888) 245-8207
  • Send a direct message on Twitter at @IdigicNet

Haven’t I told you that the team provides a blank form on the website? You can fill in your queries in the Contact Us completely. So, please wait for around 24 hours to 48 hours to get a response. 

Where to Order iDigic

The only platform allowing you to order Instagram booster is the official website. Additionally, you do not have to make an account. 

You must only submit your Instagram account to complete the order and payment. Afterwards, don’t forget to use the coupon code for a lower price. 


When you want to increase engagement on Instagram, you need followers, likes, and views. Thanks to the iDigic marketing agency, you can order those three on one website! 

Not only is this company has the best service, but also it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, let’s enhance your engagement now to increase sales! 

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