Taplio Reviews

What is Taplio?

Tibo Louis-Lucas and Tom Jacquesson founded Taplio in 2022. This company offers functional features with AI-generated tools to leverage your LinkedIn account. Whether for individuals or businesses, the company is ready to help. 

Taplio Reviews
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taplio.com https://taplio.com

This founder also founded Tweet Hunter, a marketing agency concerning X (formerly Twitter). These two are a result of an acquisition that becomes a great duo. 

Moreover, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial if you are unsure about the result. This perk allows you to see how the brand works in boosting engagement. Don’t forget to use the free tools and learn the free resources to add more knowledge about LinkedIn. 

Further, the team prepared over 4M AI inspiration content. You may use the platform thoroughly while seeking the content you prefer the most. Then, schedule any post so the feature will do it based on your preferred date. 

Furthermore, there are 3 available plans that you can pay monthly. Check which one suits your needs, and get the one you prefer. Don’t forget to utilize the free resources and tools because they are also helpful for your account. 

The company is new, but its features are on Great Software. It also has over 2.5K followers on X and LinkedIn. So, let’s dig into this Taplio review to learn more about the company. Without waiting any longer, start reading now! 

Why Taplio?

Every marketing agency offers different features and points. Keep reading this section if you’re curious about the company’s offerings! 

Taplio Highlights 

  • An AI-generated platform to boost your LinkedIn account 
  • AI-inspired content to make your post a top 
  • Analyze your account thoroughly based on the KPIs 
  • Offers 4M+ post-library in any topic and issues 
  • Provides individual and team stats in a detailed review 
  • Features a GPT-4 chat assistance 
  • Monthly Plan with a 7-day free trial 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Gains over 4200+ positive feedbacks 

What's On Taplio

When you think of social media tools, your brain may linger on any device. Yet, this company intends to provide simpler information so you can understand it thoroughly. 

What's On Taplio
Image credit: taplio.com
taplio.com https://taplio.com

When you visit the official website, here are the 2 categorizations you’ll see: 

Paid Features 

Free Tools 

Further, you may also learn free resources concerning this social media content strategy. But since this Taplio review is limited, let’s focus on the following features: 

Take a delicious snack, sit on a couch, and start reading! 

Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension Reviews

Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension is a tool that offers 4 benefits. It is a quick access you can use to see how powerful your account is. In addition, you can use the feature for free! 

Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension Reviews
Image credit: taplio.com
taplio.com https://taplio.com

Below are the 4 benefits you may get: 

  • Accessible LinkedIn metrics to view main KPIs based on your time on social media. 
  • High-performing content library based on your area of interest. 
  • Analyze the top-performing posts to see the best result. 
  • Get closer to famous accounts with high-quality content. 

As a result, you can utilize the features optimally to grow more presence on your LinkedIn. 

Taplio LinkedIn Video Downloader Reviews

LinkedIn is full of high-quality content, such as videos and images. This allows you to have more resources in boosting your account. Lucky you because this Video Downloader is ready to help! 

You can download the content using this feature. Merely copy the link and paste it on the page. Then, you can immediately get the content for free! 

Not only can you post a video, but also you can post a carousel on LinkedIn. But what if you don’t have a skill in design? Worry not because this Carousel Generator will cover your back! 

This free perk allows you to write content or use the AI-generated feature. You may also set the theme based on your desired design. Once you finish, don’t forget to preview and check the result. 

If you’re satisfied, you may now download the carouses. Then, post it on your page and get more engagement! 

How Does Taplio Work?

To enjoy the features, you must know the procedures. Then, take a look at the explanation below carefully! 

  1. First, visit the official site and log in to your account. 
  2. Search for the feature you need the most. 
  3. Choose the plan that suits your budget. 
  4. Check the service out and complete the payment. 
  5. Congratulations! You are now can access the AI-inspired library contents. 

This way, you may create a post to engage more audiences. Therefore, your LinkedIn account may become more famous and receive more attention from others. 

Taplio Pricing

Can I use Taplio for free?

Is Taplio free? As discussed in the previous section, this company offers paid and free tools. You can use the free features as much as possible, even though they are limited. So what if you want to use the exclusive ones? Here is the pricing you must know: 

Starter ($39/mo) Standard ($55/mo) Pro ($149/mo)
  • Content Inspiration 
  • Personal Analytics
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • All of the Starter features 
  • AI-powered features 
  • Building relationship 
  • Team features 
  • All of the Standard features
  • Plus AI-building relationship
  • Access to the database for enriching AI account 

You may not prepare any budget now. Still, you can use the feature because the company has a 7-day free trial. Once you are satisfied with the perk, get the deal on the pricing above! 

Taplio Pros and Cons

Do you feel unsure about the company? Check the following pros and cons for more insights! 


  • An AI-based company offering a library for LinkedIn boosters 
  • Practical and provides a variety of service 
  • A 7-day free trial is available for newcomers 
  • Offers free and paid plan 
  • Suitable for individuals and companies 
  • 30-day cancellation policy 


  • Some customers can’t deal with the price because they think it is too expensive. 
  • The platform is only for LinkedIn, and other social media is included. 

Taplio Customer Reviews

There are over 4200 clients who use this company’s service. They include LinkedIn creators, CEOs, consultants, and even team members. So, what do they say?

Taplio Customer Reviews
Image credit: taplio.com
taplio.com https://taplio.com

Here is one of them saying: 

… I never knew writing a LinkedIn post is so easy. Currently, I published 8 posts, and I could 3K people each post in no time! I just need 10 minutes to do it! … 

This customer is thankful because he doesn’t need much time to create a post on his account. Even better, he can reach many people simultaneously. 

Another testimonial says: 

Not only does Taplio make me posting easily, but also my writings become more creative. … My posts are posted daily, and it only takes minutes to prepare them. 

This customer is happy because the company’s help is useful to increase her writing. Further, she only needs a couple of minutes to write them! 

In short, Taplio successfully provides AI-inspired content to all customers to boost their LinkedIn account. Thus, customers are satisfied and can’t stop complimenting the company’s features. 

Is Taplio Worth It?

Indeed, ordering from Taplio is worth investing in. You can choose the feature you need to boost your social media presence. In addition, its 7-day free trial is beneficial for novices. 

The feature collection is tremendous, from free to paid one. So, if you’re searching for any marketing agency supporting your LinkedIn account, click the link below! 

Is Taplio Legit?

This company may not have a secure SSL website. Yet, Taplio is legit because a trusted press also reviews it. In addition, you can see the official social media for more info about it. 

Don’t forget to check the result thoroughly so that you do not get any disadvantages from subscribing into the plan. It allows you to monitor every progress you make. 

If you’re unsure, you may also send an email whenever you face a problem. Then, the team will immediately help you out and solve your issue.

Where to Order Taplio

The company only operates through the official website, meaning you can only use the service there. Novices interested in using the service may even use the free 7-day trial.

Don’t forget to sign up for an account or log in first to boost your social media presence. It may not provide a demo, but you can always rely on this company without seeking another free alternative or competitors. 

Taplio Customer Service

Do you have more questions concerning the subscription plan? Then, bear a minute to contact customer service through team@taplio.com. Tell them your queries and how you ask for their assistance in solving the problem. 

Further, they are also available on X @TaplioHQ and LinkedIn at Taplio. Suppose you want to solve the issue independently; reading the blog may also be helpful. But don’t hesitate to contact the team because they will gladly help. 


Taplio is a marketing agency supporting your affair by posting high-quality LinkedIn content. Although it focuses only on one platform, the company uses the best features arranged by GPT-4. You would get help due to the AI technology. 

As a result, your account will have a supporter to push your skill and ability. You may even grow your social media account existence and befriend new people. Therefore, are you ready to engage more readers? Prepare the budget and subscribe to the monthly plan now! 

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