Paper Cultures Reviews

Christopher Wu and his three friends founded Paper Cultures in 2009. He has ideas to be more concerned with the earth’s sustainability, leading to a publishing company with 100% recycled materials

Paper Cultures Reviews
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The company was founded in 2009 and has received a Certified B-Corp certification since 2022. In addition, it creates invitations and announcements for all customers, including individuals, couples, companies, etc

You’ll find cards, high-quality photo books, and even stationeries. Furthermore, it wants to give the world by planting a tree on the purchase. Now, it has more than 1 million trees cultivated locally and internationally.

It is honored to be the California Climate Leader Award’s winner. You can see it in the press, such as Refinery29, BRIDES, People, etc. It gains many attentions, resulting in over 136K followers on Facebook and 34.6K on Instagram. 

This Paper Cultures review will dive into the brand and its best-selling products to give you more understanding. So stay tuned, dig deeper, and see whether this company is worth printing your invitations now! 

Why Order at Paper Cultures?

You must have found many options in the publication industry, excluding this company. So why should you order products from Paper Cultures

Why Order at Paper Cultures?
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Here is a significant strength you’ll find from it. 

Paper Cultures Highlights 

  • An eco-friendly company prioritizing sustainable materials 
  • Offsets the carbon footprint with CarbonFund Organization 
  • Only uses genuine 100% recycled material 
  • Provides Free Designer Assistance 
  • Certified B-Corp company
  • Opens a Donation Request for a local school aiming to help students with benefits  
  • Ships domestically with free shipping perks 
  • Provides 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

What's On Paper Cultures

Since the company has experts in design, it offers many categories in providing well-designed marketing properties and invitations. It has 4 categories to offer. 

What's On Paper Cultures
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However, there are 8 classifications that most people search for, including: 

Holiday Cards  Business Holiday Cards 
Christmas Cards Wedding Invitations 
Save The Dates  Photo Books 
Birth Announcements  Stationery 

Still, this Paper Cultures review will only focus on the following products: 

Then, get ready and dive in immediately! 

Paper Cultures Rustic Forest Wedding Invitations Reviews

Say hi to the first best-selling, the modern Rustic Forest Wedding Invitations. This product has 2 formats and allows you to adjust the photo with yours. In addition, the paper material is available in premium, double-thick, and triple-thick options

Paper Cultures Rustic Forest Wedding Invitations Reviews
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You can adjust the quantity from 10 or even more than 1010, whatever you need. These natural-themed invitations feature all-natural and recycled flat cards with 2 trim types. You’ll get the envelope so that it is ready to be distributed to your recipients.

Furthermore, this product features designer assistance and address printing for free! Thus, input your recipient’s address and send it immediately to attend on your wedding day! 

Paper Cultures Foil Honoree Graduation Announcements Reviews

Will you graduate next year? If so, you can prepare a design for these beautiful Foil Honoree Graduation Announcements. The announcement print features an embossed with foil stamped border. Moreover, you can put your photo on the front side. 

Paper Cultures Foil Honoree Graduation Announcements Reviews
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This product is printed with thick paper from recycled materials. You can choose the quality from the double-thick or premium one. Furthermore, you can adjust the design with 3 shades, 3 formats, and 2 trim types. 

If you’re not skillful, you can ask for free design assistance. Don’t forget to submit the recipient’s address because it is free! Thus, let’s adjust the amount between 10 or more and send it immediately! 

Paper Cultures Herbs & Wildflowers Thank You Cards Reviews

Do you need to say thanks to your colleagues? If so, look no further than ordering Herbs & Wildflowers Thank You Cards. It is 4.875 x 3.5 inches in dimensions with nature-themed flowers and plantations. 

Paper Cultures Herbs & Wildflowers Thank You Cards Reviews
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Moreover, you can adjust the thank you sentences to the recipient. The folded card is made of 100% recycled material, which is good for the earth. If unsure of your design skill, you can ask for the designer’s assistance for free

Don’t forget to personalize the quantity for at least 10 or more. After that, write the recipient’s address to express your gratitude immediately. So ensure you write no typos, and you’ll get the cards beautifully! 

How to Order at Paper Cultures

Personalizing a design is not easy. Not to worry because this company provides accessible personalization. How is the procedure? Get to know more by reading the following explanation. 

  1. First, visit the official website and choose your preferred design. 
  2. Select the format, quantity, paper type, and trim type. 
  3. Click Personalize button. 
  4. The page will direct you to a designation that you can adjust. 
  5. You can start the design according to your preferences. 
  6. Once finished, click Next on the corner side. 
  7. Ensure everything is perfect, no typo, and you can place an order. 
  8. Complete the payment, and the company will start manufacturing it. 
  9. That’s it! You can now wait until the package arrives at your door. 

Thanks to the easy steps, you have the best option to personalize a business marketing property. So, which design do you prefer the most? 

Paper Cultures Pricing

This company offers a per-card price, allowing you to adjust your order amount. So here is the price classification so that you can prepare the budget. 

Card Type Starts from
Standard Flat Cards  $1.79/card
Medium Flat Cards  $2.04/card
Mini or RSVP Flat Cards  $1.69/card
Jumbo Flat Cards  $2.29/card
Square Flat Cards  $1.99/card
Circle Flat Cards  $2.09/card

In addition, you can save 50% off your first Thank Cards with a special discount code by subscribing to the official website. You’ll be notified of upcoming sales and coupons afterward. So, are you ready to enroll?

Paper Cultures Pros and Cons

Don’t you curious why this company gets more attention from its competitors? Find the pros and cons of Paper Culture here! 


  • Offers modern design 
  • Provides free designer assistance 
  • Plans wall decors, invitations, and cards based on the client’s request 
  • Every purchase includes an envelope 
  • Free US standard shipping fee on purchases $125 or more
  • 14-day return policy under specific conditions 
  • Receives thousands of 5-rating from customers 


  • No shipping for international orders 

Paper Cultures Customer Reviews

This company claims that it receives thousands of 5-rating from customers. So let’s see whether the customers are satisfied after receiving their printings. 

Paper Cultures Customer Reviews
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Here is what a customer said: 

It is by far the best quality card I have purchased. The customer service is beyond expectation.

This customer stated that the cards she received had the best quality she had ever had. In addition, she is thankful because the customer service is so helpful. 

Another customer says: 

I really am loving how simple but gorgeous all of the Paper Culture products are!

This customer stated that she loves all of the products from this company since they are well-made, simple, and impressive. 

The last customer said: 

Your stationery is a top-notch product. It has great function for our planet!

This customer finds the stationery from Paper Cultures amazing. Not only is the quality good but also it can save our planet. 

In short, Paper Cultures performs best in providing high-quality printings and stationery. Thus, customers and satisfied and thankful for the products. 

Is Paper Cultures Worth It?

Printing invitations and cards are no longer intricate; thanks to this worth checking out Paper Cultures. The company has a significant role in providing recycled materials and saving the earth. 

Is Paper Cultures Worth It?
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You can design it yourself or ask for assistance from the designers. This service comes from experts, and the company opens jobs opportunities for many skillful people. Thus, the result is beyond compare! 

Is Paper Cultures Legit?

You may be scared if the company is a scam. But no need to think so because Paper Cultures is a legit company. It is transparent enough to check the company from contact to address. 

Furthermore, the website has a secure SSL feature which is safe for your data information. Hence, you may get whatever design you prefer for any event. 

Where to Order Paper Cultures

Are you ready to hold an event to increase business partners? If so, ask for assistance from this company’s designers on the official website

The experts will assist you with a convenient design, whether for announcements or invitations. You may also request a holiday cards design if you want to. Then, place an order now! 

Paper Cultures Customer Service

Are you confused about the design that holds elegance and represents your brand? No need to worry because customer service will assist you thoroughly. Merely contact them through these ways.

The team will answer your questions between Mon and Fri, 8:15 AM and 6:00 PM. In addition, you can visit the corporate office located in: 

Paper Culture Address 
4546 El Camino Real B10 #1005
Los Altos, CA 94022


Dig deeper on Paper Cultures

Do you have more questions concerning this company? Find what you’re curious about in the following explanations. 

Where is Paper Culture based?

This company is based in Millbrae, California. 

Where does Paper Culture ship from?

This company ships orders from California, US. 

Does Paper Culture include envelopes?

Absolutely! You’ll receive an envelope in your order. In addition, the giant cards will get a brown kraft with your order. 


Paper Culture is the perfect option you can always visit to print invitations, cards, and photo books. This California-based company will publish products with eco-friendly and 100% recycled materials. 

You may adjust the design to whatever shape you like. In addition, the free designer assistance service has become a great help. What events will you have nearby? Whatever it is, let’s design your invitations with Paper Culture now!

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