PrintPapa Reviews

Fast, Good, and Cheap are the values that PrintPapa has offered since it was founded in 2003. Brothers Paul and Shawn Nag founded this company due to the tiredness of working for a hi-tech company. 

PrintPapa Reviews
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The brothers aim to engrave every project with chemistry-free imaging and VOC-less printing. In addition, it is famous for its sustainable value in providing Design Green by limiting ink coverage and areas of solid color. 

This local company offers shipping to the US region. Locals may also pick up the orders directly at the production house located in Santa Clara, California. This way, you can get the print costs reasonably and save the shipping fee. 

After 20 years of working, the company is featured on Presstek. It is featured there because PrintPapa uses the brand’s printing device to engrave waterless and 4-color offset features. Further, it also has 5.7K followers on Facebook! 

If you’re looking for a printing company offering high-quality products for your business, keep reading this PrintPapa review thoroughly. You’ll see reasons why those followers keep reordering from this company. So, let’s begin! 

Why Order at PrintPapa?

Isn’t it amazing to find a sustainable printing company in the US? But, it is not the only feature you’ll be amazed by PrintPapa. What are the others? Here is the answer: 

PrintPapa Highlights 

  • Customizable printing service based in Santa Clara 
  • Has over 20 years of experience
  • Provides regular printing and high-priority options 
  • Same-day production is available 
  • Promotes easy orders from the site  
  • Detail-oriented official website 
  • A+-rated company by BBB 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Ships to US regions 
  • Obtains a lot of good feedback from customers 

What's On PrintPapa

This company is ready to engrave your order within 10 different categories. All of them are suitable for a variety of industries. What are the details? 

What's On PrintPapa
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Here are the 10 categories you’ve been looking for: 

Custom Jobs Marketing Materials
Direct Mail Services Business Cards
Books & Booklets  Labels & Stickers
Invitation & Stationery Signs & Banners
T-Shirts  Trade Shows 

Further, this PrintPapa review will discuss 4 marketing properties below: 

Before your curiosity gets higher, let’s start the discussion right away! 

PrintPapa Booklet Printing Reviews

Do you need to introduce your business in a book marketing device? If so, choosing this Booklet Printing allows you to adjust the pages from 8 to 60. The product is perfect for any business profile, catalog, magazine, etc. 

PrintPapa Booklet Printing Reviews
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Furthermore, you can order many books thanks to the company’s capability. The booklet offers different paper choices, from matte, glossy, and uncoated. You may also customize the printing in black and white or full color. 

Worry not about the cover because it is thicker than the inside papers. Also, customizing this product allows you to submit the ready-printed file or ask the team to design it. Thus, are you ready to introduce your business to more audiences

PrintPapa Plastic Business Card Reviews

If the Booklet Printing is too big to bring anywhere, this Plastic Business Card will be the solution. You can customize it for one side or both, allowing you to provide more information.

PrintPapa Plastic Business Card Reviews
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Moreover, the plastic material will be durable and tear-proof! The UV Gloss Coating allows you to have a better image. Furthermore, you can ask for corner rounding, hole drilling, and sizes between 12 mill and 18 mill.

The finished size is 3.5 x 2 inches in dimensions, similar to the standard US size. So, do you have your own design, or do you want the team to design it for you? 

PrintPapa Standard Vinyl Banner Reviews

Standard Vinyl Banner is the best option to convey your message to a huge audience. It is available in several sizes, from hand-held, tables, fences, and custom. This perk allows you to engage more people to know more about your business. 

PrintPapa Standard Vinyl Banner Reviews
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In addition, you can submit the design or ask for the team’s help. The vinyl material gives a matte finish and a full-color printed design. Since the ink is impressive, it offers a 3-year outdoor exposure guarantee, even without lamination! 

Suppose you don’t want to waste energy to install it; you may also ask for a pole pocket option. This perk allows you to install it effortlessly. Therefore, what design will you portray to increase your business’s advantage? 

PrintPapa 10 ft Event Canopy Reviews

Will you show off your brand in a bazaar? If so, prepare for everything, including ordering this 10 ft Event Canopy to portray how it is worth buying from your brand. This open canopy weighs 43 lbs; the highest dimensions are 120 x 120 x 137 inches. 

PrintPapa 10 ft Event Canopy Reviews
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Since the canopy is for the bazaar, it is printed and sewn with weather-resistant polyester material. This heavy-duty canopy is also published at 720 x 720. It features a dye-sublimation graphic and is scratch-resistant. 

Suppose the installation is too complicated; you may choose the canopy with carrying bags and wheels. Therefore, you can bring it effortlessly and prepare your bazaar quickly

How Does PrintPapa Work?

Customizable products are somehow tricky. You must carefully look at the sample photos before adjusting your order. Then, let’s see the procedure below to print the files! 

  1. First, sign up for an account on the official website or login. 
  2. Look for your desired product. 
  3. Fill in the size and additional requirements. 
  4. If you want a customized one, please click the “Request for a Custom Quote” menu. 
  5. Once finished, click “Add to Cart”. 
  6. You may adjust your order, erasing the product or adding another one. 
  7. Then, click “Checkout”. 
  8. Complete the payment, and the team will immediately produce your order. 

Therefore, are you ready to submit the file and request for printing

PrintPapa Pricing

Enjoy PrintPapa Discount Code & Coupon Code!

PrintPapa is famous for its reasonable price. Yet, how much do you need to spend to use the service? The table below will tell you thoroughly. 

We recommend checking the daily Deals and Promotional Products posted on the official website. Who knows, you’ll get a coupon code to buy your engraving cheaper than the regular one! 

PrintPapa Pros and Cons

Have you prepared the file you’re going to print? Please take a break by reading the following pros and cons before placing an order! 


  • Printing company with customizable service 
  • The production process varies from 2 to 7 days 
  • Informative website 
  • Offers many discount codes 
  • Provides many payment methods 
  • Ships domestically 
  • Provides store pickup for local customers 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • Low-quality photo files will automatically rejected 
  • Only serves domestic orders 
  • Offers no free shipping fee 

PrintPapa Customer Reviews

Besides receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, this company also gets high customer ratings. It rates 4.8/5 from over 2.7K customers. So what do they say? 

PrintPapa Customer Reviews
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Here is one of the example: 

… I like the way the crew treat customers, the product’s quality, and the service. It really is a great job. Thank you for your help, I’ll reorder, definitely.

This customer likes the service provided by the company. Further, the quality is impressive, making a great job. He also promises to reorder! 

Another customer says: 

Great quality. Your team makes an effort to reply properly and accurately. It is so great. Thank you!

This customer can’t stop saying thanks because the quality is fantastic. In addition, she is happy because customer service replies politely. 

The last customer says: 

A friend of mine recommended this shop for fast prints and you all delivered. Fantastic quality at reasonable prices.

This customer is delighted because his friend’s recommendation is outstanding. Not only is the quality excellent but also the price is reasonable. 

In short, PrintPapa delivers the best quality of printing you can trust for any project. Thus, customers are satisfied with the result, service, and price. 

Is PrintPapa Worth It?

Thanks to this worth-ordering PrintPapa, businesses can relax because it offers high-quality printing products. You don’t have to ship the products. Instead, you can pick up the result immediately through the production area. 

Is PrintPapa Worth It?
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Moreover, the fast production is an excellent help with a tight deadline. As a result, you can rely on this company for whatever printing products you need. Then, are you ready to get the deal by clicking the link below? 

Is PrintPapa Legit?

As discussed in the pros and cons section, the official website is informative. Indeed, PrintPapa is legit! How could you know? It is well-detailed and written, whatever information a customer needs before placing an order. 

Furthermore, the company is placing a secure SSL feature that protects your data. Thus, you can be relieved because your personal information is kept and not used by PrintPapa. 

Where to Order PrintPapa

The company is welcome and serves customers only through the official website. You may customize your orders thoroughly based on your needs, and the team will produce them at the highest rate. 

You can leave a message requesting faster priority. Remember that the production team will make the order after 2 p.m. PST. So ensure you submit it before the deadline and get the result faster! 

PrintPapa Customer Service

Do you have complaints regarding your print orders? If so, please immediately contact customer service to solve the problem using the methods below: 

You may also visit the headquarters that has become a production center with the following information. 

PrintPapa Address 
1920 Lafayette Street, Unit L
Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA 
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM PST


PrintPapa is a Santa Clara-based company providing first-rate printing for business and personal use. You can search for this company whenever you want to engrave something for marketing properties. 

In addition, you won’t be disappointed with the result. Instead, you’ll love its sustainability while providing the best outcome for all customers. So, are you ready to print a design? 

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