Crazy Neon Reviews

Crazy Neon found in 2021 with the idea of creating neon signs at affordable prices. This company doesn’t mention the founder or owner but grows significantly to reach many business owners. 

Crazy Neon Reviews
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In addition, it can confront competitors well due to the skillful designers. Finally, customers who purchase from this place will benefit due to the unique and long-lasting neon lamps

Although you cannot find it in publication media, the company has many loyal customers. Even better, it has more than 1.5K followers on Instagram and Facebook. 

So if you want to attract customers and increase sales, look no further than reading this Crazy Neon review. Hence, let’s begin the exploration by continuing the reading to the following chapter!

Why Shop at Crazy Neon?

This chapter will focus on why this company is chosen as the best neon lamp manufacturer. You may be curious about the factors, so read the explanation thoroughly. 

Why Shop at Crazy Neon?
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First, the brand offers handmade custom designs in Wilmington, Delaware. The team features experts in lamp design. Furthermore, you can order shapes from illustrations, phrases, quotations, images, and even logos for business.

Secondly, the products will produce bright, efficient lamps without heat or noise. The lifespan may reach up to 50.000 hours! So not only is the light shining, but it is also long-lasting! 

Next, the team ensures to only use high-quality material. Then, thanks to the acrylic backup, you will get a durable neon sign to attract customers’ attention.

The last factor is impressive because the team provides pre-drilled holes, hanging, and mounting accessories. Ultimately, you won’t waste much energy installing the lamp because the brand promotes easy installation

Therefore, I can say that trusting this company won’t disappoint. Instead, it is steady to help you with a unique design, affordable price, and attractive lamp! 

What's On Crazy Neon

Before exploring this technology company, I will tell you what you can buy from this place. So don’t skip this part to dig deeper into the brand. 

What's On Crazy Neon
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Here are seven categories of the company’s products:

However, this Crazy Neon review will dedicate the article only to business owners who need Custom Neon Signs. If you can’t hold your curiosity, move directly to the product review now! 

Crazy Neon Custom Neon Signs Reviews

Custom Neon Signs are perfect solutions for drawing customers’ attention. You can hang it in your business area and attract many people due to the unique designs. 

Crazy Neon Custom Neon Signs Reviews
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Customers will have complete control in placing an order, from the design, font, size, backboard, and mounting options. Furthermore, the brand provides a design tool allowing you to see the preview.

Practically, you are the person who can make your designs. You may even choose how you want the lamp. So whether you are making a text, logo, or image, don’t hesitate to place an order from this place!


  • Provides design tool
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for text, logos, and images

So, are you ready to personalize your neon signs? Then prepare for at least $99.75 to buy the item by clicking the link below! 

How to Order Crazy Neon Custom Neon Signs

The customizable order may confuse some customers. This section will explain the methods for placing the Custom Neon Signs product. Let’s get started! 

  1. Visit the official website and click Design Your Neon Sign
  2. Please scroll down to see the design tools and prepare for the design you’re intended into
  3. If you want the lamp in text, then write down the words in the Write Your Text box
  4. But if you use an image or a logo, choose the box next to the Text (Design Online). You’ll be directed to a form to fill in your intended designs, and the team will assist you in the following steps
  5. After you finish the writing, customize the font, color, backboard, and mounting options. 
  6. Double-check the design on the preview to ensure you are satisfied with it
  7. Please let the team know if you have a special request for the below part of the design tool
  8. Once you complete the design, click Add to Cart
  9. That’s it. You’ve placed an order successfully! 

Remember that you need to insert information regarding indoor or outdoor lamps. Hence, please be careful while ordering personalized neon signs. Now, let’s make an order! 

How Much is The Price of Crazy Neon?

The budget for promoting a business is always high. Unfortunately, you cannot help it because attracting customers is challenging. However, thanks to this company, you can suppress the budget. 

The price ranges from this company start from $99.00 to $625.00. The Personalized Neon Signs is the lowest one. On the other hand, the Darth Vader Star Wars Led Neon Decor is the highest price. 

Furthermore, do not forget to check any offered discount codes and limited deals. Who knows, you can get a new attractive neon sign to draw new customers? 

Crazy Neon Pros and Cons

Understanding a brand with an entire paragraph may be difficult for some people. Hence, I won’t let you down because this Crazy Neon review features pros and cons. Here they are. 

Crazy Neon Pros

  • Provides custom neon lights 
  • Suitable for business, weddings, or other circumstances
  • Offers affordable prices
  • Provides practical design tools
  • Customizable for text or logo 
  • Waterproof outdoor signs 
  • Offers warranty for neon lamps and electronic compartments
  • Offers flash shipping 
  • Helpful customer service 

Crazy Neon Cons 

  • It doesn’t mention the founder, establishment year, shipping cost, international shipping affair, and return period

Is Crazy Neon Worth to Buy?

The neon lamp becomes a great help in making a spotlight. It is beautiful and customizable. Furthermore, Crazy Neon is a worth-it company that can help you grow the scale. 

Not only is the brand provides the best product, but also they are easy to install. You do not need to waste a lot of energy mounting the lamp. 

Not to mention that customers can choose the lamp’s design and features. Thus, don’t be confused but let’s make an order immediately! 

Crazy Neon Customer Reviews

What Do Business Owners Think?

Before finishing this Crazy Neon review, I will not let you go without reading the customer reviews. This part will give you insights concerning the satisfaction of customers. 

Crazy Neon Customer Reviews
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Currently, Custom Neon Signs receive a 4.8/5 rating from 234 testimonials. Here is what a customer said to fulfill your curiosity:

I highly recommend Crazy Neon! Its customer service is definitely amazing and worked hard to get me my lamp quickly! It was exactly what I imagined!

This customer recommends buying from this place because the customer service is helpful. Additionally, the lamp comes fast and looks exactly what he dreamed. 

Another customer said: 

The quality from this neon sign is beyond amazing. I received it on time in the best condition. Totally appreciate it!

This buyer is delighted due to the fantastic quality of the neon sign. He received it securely with the best item, making him appreciate the brand’s effort. 

The last one said:

Couldn’t be happier with my purchase, Crazy Neon responded quickly and helped with my custom order! I’ll definitely order from them again! The shipping was flash! I couldn’t believe how flash Crazy Neon finished my order and how fast I received it!

This last customer finds the brand quick in responding to the order and service. She even wants to reorder because of receiving her package in a flash. 

Therefore, I can conclude that Crazy Neon is worth checking out. Furthermore, many customers are delighted due to the product’s quality, service, and flash shipping. Hence, no need to be afraid of getting the products because other people have proven the quality! 

Crazy Neon Warranty

Since the brand produces electrical products, you might wonder about the warranty. Luckily, this company offers a warranty for the following explanations:

  • 24-month for indoor neon signs
  • 12-month for outdoor neon signs
  • 12-month for electrical components, noteworthy for appropriate usage only

Please get in touch with customer service at to redeem this policy. Do not forget to attach photos and videos to prove the manufacturer’s defects. Kindly visit the Warranty page for further questions regarding the terms and conditions. 

How to Contact Crazy Neon

Do you want to ask more about the brand’s products or services? I guess so because you need to know whether the brand can create your order. Below are four available methods to get in touch with customer service:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (302) 600 1080
  • Facebook: Crazy Neon 
  • Instagram: @crazyneonofficial

You may also fill in the blank Contact form on the official website. However, please will wait for 24 hours. The team will reply immediately. Also, please visit the headquarter at the mentioned address below. 

Crazy Neon Address
2055 Limestone 
RD STE 200-C
Wilmington, DE
19808 US

Where to Buy Crazy Neon

Customers can purchase neon signs from this company through the official website. Furthermore, it is the only place that offers original products.

In addition, the brand will ship your package from Monday to Saturday. You may also get limited deals by checking out the website frequently.

Now, the brand provides a 15% discount code when you apply MYVALENTINE. But please remember that this code is limited up to the 2nd of February. So, let’s get the promotion right away! 


You might have a challenging experience due to the difficulties in attracting customers. Say no more because Crazy Neon will be a great help. This company prioritizes customers by providing customizable neon signs. 

Additionally, you can personalize it on your own to have the best and most unique design. Not only that but also customer service is ready to help you with everything. So, let’s place an order to increase sales now! 

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