Alliance Virtual Offices Reviews

Frank Cottle founded Alliance Virtual Offices in 1992, allowing small businesses to be more flexible during working hours. He and his team build over 1400 locations globally to give virtual office options to all entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Alliance Virtual Offices Reviews
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Furthermore, it aims to provide convenient locations with home-based professionals thrive. Whether you work from the office or remotely, the office is ready to help. The company’s reputation is well-known because it has served 25K+! 

Also, you can save money because you don’t have to pay for maintenance. Instead, your employee, up to 3 members, can work effectively in the office. Plus, the team that is based in Henderson will securely manage your affair. 

It may not feature in the press, yet social media has gained followers. Combining Facebook and Instagram, both gained over 3.7K followers from business enthusiasts. So, let’s delve into this Alliance Virtual Offices review to learn more about the service! 

Why Alliance Virtual Offices?

In the first chapter, we will discuss the company’s highlights. You’ll see why virtual options are worth checking out for remote businesses and new start-ups. 

Why Alliance Virtual Offices?
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Then, here is the highlight list: 

Alliance Virtual Offices Highlights

  • Offers virtual services for small businesses 
  • Promotes flexibility yet effective for remote working 
  • Subscription plan varies with affordable cost 
  • Virtual offices are available in 1400+ locations worldwide 
  • Online notary service free of charge with CMRA 1583 
  • An easy and effective booking procedure 
  • Offers many discounts for loyal customers 
  • 7-day customer service availability 
  • Gains many good feedbacks from customers 

What's On Alliance Virtual Offices

The company tends to help small business owners grow regularly. Additionally, they can choose the one they need the most to develop growth. What are those services? 

What's On Alliance Virtual Offices
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When you visit the official website, here are the main 5 services you’ll see: 

Further, this Alliance Virtual Offices review won’t force you to stay long. As a result, the article will only focus on the 2 most-selling services. Let’s start with the first best-selling below, if you don’t mind! 

Alliance Virtual Offices Virtual Business Address Reviews

Who says that a virtual office only presents your business existence? Instead, this Virtual Business Address service allows flexibility from the official location and unleashes your brand’s potential

Alliance Virtual Offices Virtual Business Address Reviews
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You can even do marketing meetings with your teams, up to 3 people. Further, you can arrange an appointment to view the locations near me rather than knowing only from the photos. 

Below are the 2 plans you can get from this service: 

Platinum  Platinum Plus
  • Recognized business address 
  • Mail Receipt 
  • Meeting and personal space access 
  • 1000s global meeting room 
  • No private office time/meeting room 
  • etc. 
  • Recognized business address 
  • Mail Receipt 
  • Forum and personal space access 
  • 1000s global meeting room 
  • >16 hours of private office time/meeting room 
  • etc. 

Alliance Virtual Offices Virtual Phone Number Reviews

As a business owner, you need a business phone number not to disturb your personal life. This Virtual Phone Number service allows you to reach local and international marketing

Alliance Virtual Offices Virtual Phone Number Reviews
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In addition, it is a toll-free one that can improve your business quality. You may even submit this number on a 411 national credibility.

The product also features an auto attendant and business system, which is inclusive. Therefore, whenever you need to receive a call from any client, you’re ready to talk to them anytime. 

How Does Alliance Virtual Offices Work?

You can now relieve because using the company’s service is easy and reliable. How so? You only need several steps to have your office and share thoughts with your partner or clients.

How Does Alliance Virtual Offices Work?
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So, let’s see the procedure to succeed in the process! 

  1. First, log in to your account on the site to see the available service. 
  2. Choose the one you need the most. 
  3. Adjust the plan based on your budget. 
  4. Check out the service your desire. 
  5. Input the promo code you own. 
  6. Complete the payment. 
  7. Voila! You can now use the service! 

Since the official website is informative, you won’t have problems understanding the contract. But if you face any problem, don’t hesitate to contact customer service to ask for assistance. 

Alliance Virtual Offices Pricing

To have the abovementioned services, you must prepare a budget. Fortunately, the price for Virtual Phone Number is not so high. You only need to pay $30 monthly to enjoy it. 

Meanwhile, the virtual business address differs in every region. Below are the 3 examples of the most searched area:

  • New York area starts from $49/month
  • Chicago area starts from $50/month
  • Orlando area starts from $59/month

Alliance Virtual Offices Promotions 

  • Use the SF100 coupon code for a $0 virtual office setup fee (31st August ’23)
  • Apply the LR75 code to save $75 live receptionist plan (31st August ’23)
  • Utilize the VP10 discount code for $10 off virtual phone service (31st August ’23)
  • Enjoy a 5% discount with a 6-month prepayment
  • Get a 10% discount for a 12-month prepayment

Alliance Virtual Offices Pros and Cons

Would you mind learning more about the company’s pros and cons? Before anything else, here is the explanation: 


  • Allows business owners to save money with virtual features 
  • Offers many services for adequate business works 
  • Live meetings are easy to book 
  • Have someone to pick up mail and parcels 
  • The office locations variety allows clients to choose the nearest one 
  • Reliable virtual services for every occasion 


  • Clients may only cancel the plan every 6 months

Alliance Virtual Offices Customer Reviews

You can’t deny your curiosity. Indeed, knowing how satisfied the clients are after using the company’s service is a must. Can you guess how much rating this company receives from them? 

Alliance Virtual Offices Customer Reviews
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Alliance Virtual Offices gets a 4.4/5 rating from 1.5K testimonials on Trustpilot. Here is one of the examples: 

I’ve use Alliance for a while, and they are always helpful. Kath, especially, helps me out lately, and she is very patient and communicative. She made sure all of my questions were answered and assisted me retrieve my mail.

This customer can’t thank you enough because the team always helps her. Furthermore, she is satisfied with the service from them and the company. 

Another utterance says:

… Office is ALWAYS clean and quiet, the mail services are great to work with (as far as I receive the notifications), and the customer service is nice and helpful. I recommend Alliance Virtual Offices to all of my friends. …

This customer is happy because the office he hires is clean, and the service is excellent. As a result, he recommends this company to his colleagues. 

Simply put, the company gains a lot of compliments after its impressive services. Thus, many customers are satisfied and are willing to give high ratings stars. 

Is Alliance Virtual Offices Worth It?

It is noteworthy that Alliance Virtual Offices is worth ordering. Indeed, the company organizes the latest technology to offer virtual-based services for small businesses and start-ups

Is Alliance Virtual Offices Worth It?
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You don’t have to worry about the price because the founder gives the most reasonable price you can afford. So wherever you stay, the company is ready to support you grow at the most successful rate. 

Merely click the link below and check out your desired service. Then, what are you waiting for? 

Is Alliance Virtual Offices Legit?

Scams are everywhere, making you afraid of getting fraud on the online service. Yet, worry not because Alliance Virtual Offices is legit and trustworthy. You can rely on this company whenever you are limited in budget yet want to grow regularly. 

Further, you don’t have to worry if you face a problem. It has a secure SSL website, informative detail, and steady customer service. As a result, you can contact them if you encounter any issues and can work typically to gain more benefits! 

Where to Order Alliance Virtual Offices

Business owners ready to save money with virtual offices may visit this company’s official website immediately. It is the only place that provides you with information about the service. 

Further, don’t forget to sign up for an account before enjoying the available perks. Then, visit the following link, log in, and order your desired service now! 

Alliance Virtual Offices Customer Service

Do you have complaints or face a problem? If so, please immediately contact customer service through these methods: 

Further, you can immediately converse with Live Agent on the Live Chat. You may also meet the team at the headquarters below. 

Alliance Virtual Offices Center Corporate
2831 St Rose Pkwy, Henderson
NV 89052, USA


Delve into Alliance Virtual Offices

Wondering about many things from this company? Worry not because the following answers have summarized them all. So, take a look closer! 

Where is Alliance Virtual Offices located?

This company headquarters is located in Henderson, NV, USA. 

What is Alliance Virtual Offices’ cancellation policy?

Clients can cancel their subscription plan every 6-month with a 30-day written notice. Please contact customer service at to tell them your intention. 


Being limited in budget as a business owner is suffocating. Even worse, you may experience the tragedy of being unwilling to pay for an office and its maintenance costs. Say no more because Alliance Virtual Offices is ready to cover your back. 

It has virtual offices allowing you to pay affordably. Further, the availability is worldwide, allowing you to be more flexible with international affairs. Then, are you ready to join other owners? Leave Reddit, visit the website, and check out the service now! 

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