Echo Neon Studio Review

Echo Neon is the US’s first neon light maker, founded in 2015. This company has become an excellent lamp brand that produces eco-friendly, child-safe, and energy-effective products. 

Echo Neon Studio Review
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Although the founder’s name is hidden, it grows significantly and offers customized orders. In addition, the lamps are practical for home decoration, wedding events, business, and so on. 

You will fall in love with the lamp since they come in various shapes. Even better, the color is vibrant and easy to install. You can see the brand’s popularity on Yahoo, Digital Journal, etc. 

The brand also has many loyal customers and followers. There are more than 164.7K on Instagram and Facebook. 

Because the company is exciting and can grow your business engagement, I decided to dig deeper into it. This Echo Neon review will focus on the product, price, and policy. So, let’s get started! 

Why Echo Neon Studio?

As a business owner, I know you want to light your brand’s up. Neon lights from this company will be an excellent choice because they offer magnificent benefits. Below, I will tell five reasons you should trust this company. 

Why Echo Neon Studio?
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First, the brand offers efficient, durable, vibrant, lightweight neon lamps. This kind of lamp can light up to 50K hours. Furthermore, the material is qualified but lightweight. Also, do not worry about the color because it lights vibrantly. 

You might think that installing a neon light is difficult. In contrast, the company only creates easy-to-install lamps. Customers will receive a free screw kit. Then, merely stick the command stripes and plug the cable into a regular outlet. Then, your lamp will light brightly. 

Next. the company prioritizes your need by providing customized orders. For example, customers can personalize an order through text or a logo. After that, you can preview the display immediately and ensure it is on the correct design. 

Not only is the brand provide the best products, but also it offers affordable prices. You don’t have to waste too much money to buy a neon light for your business. Instead, save money on your budget to get a high-quality neon lamp for promotion. 

Lastly, this lamp company offers free standard US shipping on personalized orders. No matter how huge or small, your order is, the company will give it away complementarity. So, please wait patiently until it arrives at your door securely. 

To conclude, the brand is ready to create your order so that you can get more engagement. Therefore, you do not need to think twice but let’s place an order immediately! 

What's On Echo Neon Studio

In this third section, you will see the items sold by the company. There are three categories you can select. Below, I’ll write it down thoroughly. 

What's On Echo Neon Studio
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Take a look at the table below:

Neon Signs Echo Lamps Customized Order
  • Home Decor
  • Event Signs
  • Business Signs
  • Cool and Funny Lamps
  • Neon Lamps
  • Lune Floor Lamps
  • LED Filament Lamps
Personalize your lamp in text or logo forms.

However, this Echo Neon review will elaborate on customized orders to increase business engagement. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Echo Neon Create Your Own Neon Sign Reviews

Create Your Own Neon Sign is a personalized order noteworthy for people who need specific designs. The brand uses high-quality PVC piping that is more durable and lightweight in this product. 

Echo Neon Create Your Own Neon Sign Reviews
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In addition, customers can select the text or logo, font, color, height, and kits to install the lamp. You have ten color selections for your neon lamp. 

Furthermore, you can see the preview lively on the feature. There are six backgrounds with different wall colors to ensure you see it similarly to where you will install it. 


  • Made of PVC piping
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Offers live preview
  • Available in text or form
  • Customers can choose ten colors

Therefore, you can prepare a budget of at least $299.00 to purchase this personalized order. So, click the link below to create the design now! 

How to Order Customized Lamps on Echo Neon

After understanding the product to enhance your business, I know you’re interested in purchasing the item. But do you know how to place an order for this item? 

Below, I will explain the steps clearly. 

  1. First, prepare the design you prefer to increase your business’s engagement.
  2. Then, visit the link to place your order.
  3. If you want to order a text neon lamp, write down the phrase or sentence
  4. After that, choose the font you prefer the most. 
  5. Once you finish, move to the color selection. If unsure, click every color to see how it will display. 
  6. Next, choose a preview wallpaper similar to where you will install the lamp. 
  7. Do not forget to select the height and kit you need to install
  8. That’s it! You can continue the step to buy and complete the payment. 

Please remember that the steps above are only applicable to text orders. If you want a logo lamp, contact the team on this page to place an order. Send them your design, size, color, and height so the brand can process your order immediately.  

How Much Does Echo Neon Cost?

Before buying neon lamps to stand out your business, checking on the price is a must. But first, I will calm you down because the company offers reasonable prices.

You will need a budget of around $58.00 to buy the Bulb LED Neon Lamp in the Home Decor Neon Signs categories. Meanwhile, the most expensive item is Coffee Menu Neon Sign costs $498.00 from the Business Neon Signs category. 

You may get a lower price by staying updated on the website and social media. You know that you’ll get coupon codes, won’t you? So, start stalking now! 

Echo Neon Pros and Cons

In the middle of this Echo Neon review, you will read the most significant conclusion of this company. Below, I will write you the pros and cons. 

Echo Neon Pros

  • Provides the eco-friendly neon lamps
  • The 1st company to make neon lamps in the US
  • Offers 18 brilliant colors
  • Handcrafted, durable, vibrant, and affordable
  • Promotes easy installation 
  • Suitable for business, office, home, wedding, etc
  • Provides up to the 12-month warranty 
  • Ships internationally
  • Free standard US shipping on customized orders 
  • Provides 14-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from buyers

Echo Neon Cons

  • It doesn’t mention the founder and the establishment year 

Is Echo Neon Worth to Buy?

I know you have more worries about purchasing neon lamps through online shopping. But you do not need to worry because Echo Neon is a worth-it company with high-quality lights. 

It is an excellent brand that can help you to engage more customers with vibrant neon colors. Furthermore, the lamp is adequate to attract attention due to its unique design. 

Not to mention that you’ll receive complimentary shipping for personalized orders. Therefore, look no further than to purchase neon lamps from this company! 

Is Echo Neon Legit?

The answer is yes. Echo Neon is a legit company that provides a trusted website. Furthermore, you can have the products securely thanks to the SSL certification. 

Customers do not need to be scared of getting scammed because the company informs them everything they need, from the product explanation to the brand’s service, policy, and even the delayed shipping problem. 

So don’t worry and calm your anxiety because the brand will be ready to help you with any personalized orders! 

Echo Neon Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Are you curious about the brand’s rating? Then, please do not skip this part because I will thoroughly tell you the customer’s reaction! 

Echo Neon Customer Reviews
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The customized order received a 4.9/5 rating from 387 testimonials. Isn’t it lofty? Below is what one customer said:

We are a restaurant serving comfort food for Native American. We ordered neon sign to add to the fun vibes to our space, and people love the double entendre!

This customer has a restaurant business and orders a sign from Echo Neon. Fortunately, it brings fun vibes to her space. Customers also love the lamp! 

Another one said:

This is a great company to work with. Very easy to order from, price is right, and it is easy to install. Delivery is also on time!

This buyer finds Echo Neon as an excellent company to order neon lamps. The price suits her budget, and the product is easy to install. Even better, the delivery arrives on time! 

To summarize, I can say that there is no huge problem with this company. Instead, Echo Neon works magnificently to provide all customers with the best product and service. As a result, many of them repurchase another lamp from this place. 

Echo Neon Customer Service

If you want to get closer to customer service to ask anything, don’t worry because they are easy to reach. So, please get in touch with the team at the following steps:

  • Pop an email at
  • Fill in the Contact form at the website
  • Send a Facebook Messenger on Echo Neon Studio
  • Tell your need at Instagram direct message on @echoneonstudio

In addition, please be patient by waiting for the response for around 24 hours. Then, if you need an instant reply, choose the brand’s social media. Furthermore, you may visit the head office at the following address. 

Echo Neon Address
3131 McKinney Ave,
Dallas, Texas, 75204

Where to Buy Echo Neon

The only place to order eco-friendly neon lamps from this company is on the official website. Please do not purchase from other websites or markets because they are not the original brand. 

In addition, keep checking out the brand on the website and social media because you may get lucky! Who knows, the brand may share promo codes or limited deals. 

Echo Neon Warranty

As discussed, the company offers two different neon lamps indoors and splash-proof ones. However, there is no need to worry about the warranty because both get one. Below, I will explain the terms and policies:

  • Indoor lamps come with a 12-month warranty 
  • Splash-proof products come with a 3-month warranty 

Both of the warranty only applicable under the appropriate usage. In addition, it is only suitable for electrical compartments. To claim the policy, don’t hesitate to contact the team at


Thanks to the vibrant and durable neon lamp from Echo Neon, it is easy to engage customers. This company will provide the best lights to enhance more customers. 

In addition, you can make your design for your brand. Please ensure that it is unique so that you can enhance more advantages. So, let’s create the design and start ordering now! 

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