About SocialDog

For more than 6 years, SocialDog has been providing its service to millions of clients. Though its company is based in Japan, its clients come from worldwide.

About SocialDog
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Many of them have been using the tools and keep renewing their plan because of its intuitive interface, automation, easy-to-access history, and other excellent features it has.

Before reviewing the features in specific, it’s better to know its products: account analytics, account management, follower management, advanced post management, social listening, and Twitter contests.

All the listed products have more features that really help you run a campaign or manage a Twitter account

The only overall down based on the online review is that processing your command could be slow. However, it happens to the client with certain gadget specifications only.

This SocialDog review will go more in-depth about the company profile, list of services, pricing, and its pros and cons. So, check out the review below before you subscribe!

Why SocialDog?

SocialDog is a Twitter marketing tool that helps you automate your Twitter activity, grow your audience, and track your performance. It offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Receive the best review online

This tool has received awards like the ‘Social Media Management Award Leader’ from IT Review for seven years. Most of its users also agree that it is the most innovative and efficient management tool for Twitter.

  • Obtain security certification

To obtain Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), various specifications aim to protect the users’ information security. SocialDog has received this certification of ISO27001.

  • Show a real result

Most clients in the SocialDog review agree that the tool increases the engagement rate, helps to gain more followers and potential ones, and grows the Twitter account presence, as posting tweets can be done automatically.

What's On SocialDog

The developer team continuously improves the performance of the tool. Hence there will be regular updates, whether fixing problems, adding new features, or changing some visuals.

SocialDog offers a variety of features to help you automate your Twitter activities, increase your audience, and track your performance. Below are some of their characteristics:

  • Auto-follow and unfollow
    • This feature can help you follow and unfollow users based on your criteria—keywords, interests, and location.
  • Scheduled tweets
    • The platform can help you schedule tweets in advance so that you are always top of mind for your followers.
  • Hashtag tracking
    • Want to track your hashtag performance? Midah with this platform! You can see which ones drive the most engagement.
  • Analytics
    • This platform helps provide detailed analytics about your Twitter activity. As a result, you can see how your campaigns are performing and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Multiple account management
    • With SocialDog, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard. This can be helpful if you have a business with various brands or manage social media for numerous clients.
  • Team collaboration
    • This platform lets you collaborate with team members on Twitter marketing campaigns. This can be helpful if you have a team of social media managers or feedback from others on your campaigns.
  • Customization
    • You can customize your dashboard to suit your needs with this platform. You can choose which features you want to see and how they look.

The new updates include exporting Outlook or Google Calendar to schedule posts, Keyword Monitor to find tweets with specific keywords, and tweet overview with the follower retention rate. There may be an upcoming update to the tool in the near time.

SocialDog Features Review

Besides being easy to use and affordable, SocialDog has features that are perfect for businesses of all sizes. These features include:

SocialDog Features Review
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  • Account Analytics

It covers three main features that are performance graphs (in the dashboard and the report showing adjustable analytics period based on time), follower analytics (follower retention rate, follower acquisition analytics, and follower interests/background), and tweet analytics (engagement of videos, images, likes, retweets, and replies).

  • Account Management

The two main features are notification (slack and email) and team collaboration (export calendar and multiple user account management with 50 for the maximum). You can set the notification to daily or weekly.

  • Follower Management

The features include following tabs (to follow back other accounts, to unfollow accounts who don’t follow/are inactive, and to follow accounts with specific keywords), 15 sorting criteria, a quick filter, 34 advanced filters, the hidden list, and the keep list.

  • Advanced Post Management

It covers tweet threads, scheduled tweets, scheduled retweets, tweet analytics, media analytics, calendar management to schedule the posts, and export calendar features from Outlook or Google Calendar.

  • Social Listening

With keywords as the source, the features include mentions and keyword monitoring that will notify you, so you can act upon the tweets.

  • Twitter Contests

The features that will help you run a Twitter contest are tweet engagement and tweet analytics. Then you can choose the winner randomly or deliberately by seeing the analytics. It has been one of the most favorite features based on the SocialDog review.

How SocialDog Does Work?

Customers could access the tool through its website or by installing the apps. It is available for Mac and Windows. After buying a plan, you can link your Twitter account to the tool.

A certain plan could link up to 50 accounts. There will be a dashboard with some tabs covering the features. Run some commands to the feature then the result will be shown directly in the Twitter account you sign to.

SocialDog Plans and Pricing

The brand offers 3 plans, and each can be monthly or yearly. They are Business, Pro, Lite+, and Lite. They are listed based on the number of features each carries from the most to the least. Surely the prices go along the same way. Lite is free, but there are some limitations.

For those who want to try the tool, they can try the Lite, as it offers some free basic features like scheduled tweets, keyword monitors, follow management, and general trends all in one account.

The prices are available in USD or JPY, and they accept credit card payments only from Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards for JPY.

Business Pro Lite+
$99/month per account $49/month per account $9/month, per account
7-day free trial

Most customers from the online SocialDog review suggest trying the Lite version first before jumping into the plan. Decide which features that are needed the most and change the plan after the due because the fees are non-refundable.

SocialDog Pros & Cons

Before we get to the final part of this review, it would be good to know the brand’s advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see the table below!


  • Easy to use and great support.
    • If there is any feature that you don’t know how to use or reports to read, customer support is 24/7
  • Handy to grow an account.
    • Thanks to the features, clients could understand their accounts well and decide the correct action to follow. Any complicated tasks like daily posting could be easier using the feature like scheduled posts
  • Time-saver.
    • Tasks that consume time, like checking followers, finding the trend, and others, could be done within minutes with features. You can even leave your account for days.


  • A limit on certain features like 50 account limits to unfollow per day, but it comes from Twitter itself
  • Compared to other similar tools, its prices are a bit more expensive
  • Some reports, like the analytics, are quite hard to read some.

Is SocialDog Worth It?

SocialDog is an excellent option to grow your audience, increase engagement, and track your Twitter performance. They offer many features to help you automate your Twitter activities.

Is SocialDog Worth It?
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social-dog.net/en/ https://social-dog.net/en/

SocialDog will help you take your Twitter marketing performance to the next level. They are easy to use, affordable, and reliable. Thus, this platform is worth enrolling in.

SocialDog Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Customers often check customer testimonials online when investing in a tool or something to improve their business performance. Therefore, we included some of their opinions through g2.com to present what customers think about this brand.

SocialDog Customer Reviews
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social-dog.net/en/ https://social-dog.net/en/

This brand is rated 4.5/5 stars out of 115 reviews. One customer gave this brand a perfect score because of its many features. This customer said:

After the Twitter algo reveal, I realized I needed to unfollow some users to make my follow/follower ratio healthier. I could do this in the best way possible with Social Dog!

Again, we found a customer happy with his investment in the platform, as it was efficient and easy to use. This happy customer said:

One of the things that makes SocialDog stand out is how easy it is to use. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, making managing multiple social media accounts very easy…

Graphs and analytics are one of the types of features that customers need as it helps them monitor their business well. So says this customer:

I love using SocialDog to manage my company’s Twitter marketing. It is easy to use, has an exemplary user interface, and shows analytics through graphs. It also tells me the exact times and days when my Twitter posts are doing well, so I can make more tweets during those periods…

Not only through the g2.com website, but this platform also has a good reputation from the whole internet. Most customers praise its features, easy-to-use interface, and analytics. Overall, you should be confident if you want to invest in this brand.

SocialDog Customer Service

How To Contact SocialDog

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the brand’s customer care team by emailing them at support@socialdog.jp. They will answer and provide the best solution to your queries.

Where To Register SocialDog

You can register for SocialDog on their website at https://social-dog.net/en/.


With just as little as $12 per month, you can get many features to handle all complicated jobs. Many clients from the SocialDog review do agree that its features are helpful and will not be found in other similar tools. If you want to make some money from Twitter, go and install the SocialDog to make it come true.

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