Displays2go Reviews

Where is Displays2go located?

Displays2go is a Massachusetts-based supplier offering merchandise and brand marketing properties to enhance more audience. The company is a subsidiary of the TAKKT AG brand. It was founded in 1974. 

Displays2go Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

This company is famous for its various products to empower brands and people with bulk orders. You can customize your orders based on your design or ask for assistance from the design service at only $45. 

Furthermore, you can benefit from a tax-exempt free proposal. Ensure you ask for assistance from the team to get this advantage, and you’ll get the purchase at a cheaper wholesale price

It may not feature in the magazine or press yet. But it has massive followers, totaling 22K on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can stay on this Displays2go review to know more about its order instructions. First, let’s get into the highlights now! 

Why Order at Displays2go?

This company has 5 core values: integrity, partnership, innovation, growth, and passion. Furthermore, its vision to connect brands and people must be highlighted so business owners can enhance their audience. 

Why Order at Displays2go?
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

Below are the highlights you must know from the company. Take a look closer! 

Display2go Highlights 

  • Built-to-order business marketing properties
  • Opt for bulk orders only  
  • Suitable for in-stock or customizable 
  • Customization may form text or artwork 
  • Additional design service costs $45 
  • Offers beneficial membership programs 
  • Ships in 3 business days after placing an order 
  • Provides shipping to the US and Canada regions 
  • Receives many 5-star feedbacks from customers 

What's On Displays2go

To make you understand more about this company, digging deeper into the product classification is a must. These products are related to brand engagement to enhance more customers and audiences. 

What's On Displays2go
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

Here is the categorization you must know: 

But since this Displays2go review is limited, let’s focus only on the 2 best-selling below: 

Without any further ado, let’s begin! 

Displays2go TV Stand with Wheels Reviews

Do you want to install a television in your office? If so, don’t hesitate to purchase this TV Stand with Wheels because it can hold up to 110 lbs monitor. This floor-standing stand will fit 37 to 65 inches of TV with adjustable height. 

Displays2go TV Stand with Wheels Reviews
Image credit: displays2go.com
displays2go.com https://displays2go.com

In addition, it is available in black and silver shades. This stand also features a VESA-compatible mount for landscape orientation. Suppose you don’t prefer a high position; you can tilt the angle up to 15 degrees

Furthermore, you can install it efficiently. Once finished, ensure to lock the casters to prevent unlocked movement. Therefore, your TV is well-mounted and will not fall from the stand. 

Displays2go 6-Pocket Acrylic Card Holder Reviews

Every frontline must understand a brand. But you may also prepare this 6-Pocket Acrylic Card Holder on a counter or tabletop. It weighs 1 lb and can hold up to several business cards simultaneously. 

Displays2go 6-Pocket Acrylic Card Holder Reviews
Image credit: displays2go.com
displays2go.com https://displays2go.com

Furthermore, it is made of clear acrylic with a sturdy aluminum snap base. Not only can you display business cards, but also you may put gift cards for visitors or customers.

This functional product lets everyone interested in your brand get more business information. Therefore, you can broaden your acquaintances with people. 

Displays2go Order Instructions

How Does It Work?

Have you fixed your mind about placing an order from this place? If you do, read the following explanation and practice it immediately. 

Displays2go Order Instructions
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

Here we go! 

  1. First, visit the official website and choose your desired products. 
  2. Click the “Customize It” menu under the product’s specifications. 
  3. Select the personalization option. 
  4. Upload an artwork or text you want on the product. You can order a design service for $45 if you have no design. 
  5. After that, input the quantity you desire. Remember, the minimum amount is 20. 
  6. Add the order to your cart and complete the payment. 
  7. That’s it! Your order will be processed immediately by the team. 

You don’t have to worry if the price is high. Why? Because customers may start a quote if they think it is too expensive. Hence, are you ready to customize your brand’s properties and inventory

Displays2go Pricing

As discussed, this company provides bulk orders with wholesale prices, which is advantageous for small businesses. This policy applies to all orders, but you may also buy non-customized items in one pack only. 

Below is the price explanation for the products discussed above. 

TV Stand with Wheels 1-4 pack 5-15 pack
  $404.99 $395.99
Acrylic Card Holder 1-44 pack 45-84 pack
  $21.99 $20.89

Displays2go Promotions

Furthermore, here are some sales you can get: 

  • Subscribe to the official website to earn deals and coupons
  • Save 10% off when you spend $300+ for the first-time order 
  • Leave a review and win a $250 off giveaway on your next purchase
  • Sign up for an account in the Affiliate Program to earn a commission 

Then, are you ready to purchase a marketing property to improve your business’s advantage? 

Displays2go Pros and Cons

Before submitting the artwork to customize your order, look at the following list to know more about the company’s pros and cons. Here they are: 


  • Marketing properties for all brand types 
  • Provides bulk orders with wholesale prices 
  • Available on the official site and marketplace 
  • The tax-exempt proposal is permitted 
  • Ships to the US and Canada 
  • Offers same-day shipping 
  • 60-day return policy 


  • No free shipping 
  • No shipping outside the US and Canada 
  • For customized products, the minimum order is 20 pieces 

Displays2go Customer Reviews

This company receives a 4.3/5 rating from 24K followers on Trustpilot. But what about its singular products? Do customers satisfy after purchasing from Displays2go

Displays2go Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

Well, here are the ratings of the abovementioned products: 

Then, below is one of the utterances: 

We’ve been impressed with this TV stand. It’s heavy duty and feels so solid. We had no problems mounting our 43″ LED screen to it. It feels as though I would mount 4 43″ screen. Amazing value for the price.

This customer finds the TV Stand impressive due to its sturdy and heavy-duty functions. Furthermore, the mounting process is easy and great for the money. 

Another utterance said: 

Fantastic-looking business card holder! It is very sturdy with a modern-looking base. Every card slot can hold several business cards at once. I’d definitely recommend this item!

This customer recommends Acrylic Card Holder because of its sturdy and well-made design. Furthermore, the holder can hold many cards simultaneously. 

In short, the company is trusted due to its high rating and many satisfied customer testimonials. As a result, you can rely on this company if you need to customise a logo-based product for your business property. 

Is Displays2go Worth It?

Having the option to customize a business property is fortunate. Furthermore, you don’t need to search for another brand because this Displays2go is worth ordering. It allows you to make your product based on your business’s logo. 

Is Displays2go Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/D2GoUS
facebook.com/D2GoUS https://facebook.com/D2GoUS

In addition, you can ask for design assistance to make it more impressive. If you need it fast, look no further than ordering from this company because it provides a same-day shipping feature. Then, are you ready to get your product quicker? 

Is Displays2go Legit?

You may consider checking the company on Reddit. But it is no need because Displays2go is legitimate. It writes detailed information you’re searching for a customer. 

In addition, its contact number is well-detailed, allowing you to contact the team immediately if you face a problem. Its official website also has a secure SSL feature that won’t get your data. 

Therefore, ensure to check customer testimonials thoroughly so that you will know how satisfied they are. Then, visit the official website to place an order! 

Where to Order Displays2go

You may customize logo-based products from this company through the official website. It is the exclusive place you can visit. 

In addition, the team offers products through marketplaces such as Amazon. Ensure to search for the official store so that you can avoid scams and unforeseen events. 

Displays2go Customer Service

What is the phone number for Displays2go?

Sometimes, you may face a problem while ordering marketing properties from this company. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service through these methods: 

The team will also be available through Live Chat from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST. Furthermore, you may visit the address below to meet one-on-one with the crew.

Display2go Office 
81 Commerce Drive 
Fall River, MA 
02720 USA  


Trusting Displays2go allows you to customize any design for your business properties. Not only does it customizable, but also it offers wholesale prices. It is a win-win solution for all business owners because they can create a well-designed property. 

Furthermore, the same-day shipping policy will benefit you whenever you need to receive the package faster. Whether you want to purchase accessories or a project for the exhibition, look no further than trusting this company. Then, let’s place an order! 

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