The HOTH Reviews

Who is the CEO of The HOTH?

The HOTH is a marketing agency based in Florida. The name implies an acronym for Hittem Over The Head, meaning to perform with attractiveness. You’ll love using this brand’s service because it can enhance your business with SEO-friendly content

The HOTH Reviews
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Founded in 2010, this company consists of experts in digital marketing. Marc Hardgrove, the CEO, ensures the best service by providing an expert to every client. As a result, it is trusted and has worked for over 200K+ companies

Clients who need more assistance can relieve because the company provides free consultations with a professional team. You can contact them on the site or via phone. Furthermore, the report is transparent to check the website’s improvement. 

This company is proud to announce its trophy accomplishments. Those include Fastest Growing Company Inc. 5000, Best Places to Work from Tampa Bay Business Journal, etc. Also, it has gained over 33K followers on Facebook and Instagram! 

You can keep reading The HOTH review to get more insights concerning the service and procedure. Then, let’s dive into the brand and see whether it is good to enhance your business engagement now! 

Why The HOTH?

Now you know that the company receives many awards from famous organizations. However, does it have another plus point to offer? 

Why The HOTH?
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Here is the highlight list you must know from The HOTH

The HOTH Highlights 

  • Marketing agency utilizing relationship building with digital marketing 
  • An authorized Google Certified Partner 
  • Received Inc. 5000 fast-growing company award 
  • Provides transparent report 
  • Holds an SEO scholarship program for 1 awardee annually
  • Offers various subscribing contracts 
  • Opens freelance writing opportunities 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee features 
  • Gets a 4.9/5 rating from Google 

What's On The HOTH

Digital marketing has different types and can enhance branding with varying service compilations. Then, what kind of service will you get from this company? 

What's On The HOTH
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Currently, the company categorizes the service into 2: products and tools. The HOTH review will enroll 4 discussions that include: 

Let’s move to the following section and start reading! 

The HOTH Products

What does the Hoth do?

The HOTH categorizes its main products into 4, leading to branding for a business owner. You can check the following table to learn more about the categorization. 

Managed Service

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Ads
  • Content Service

Content Creation 

  • Blog Content 
  • AI Content Plus
  • Website Content Writing

Link Building

  • Link Outreach
  • HOTH Local
  • Content Syndication
  • Press Release

Local SEO

  • Managed Local SEO
  • Citation Building
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Reputation Management 

Whichever service you need, the team will explain the features well. Then, are you ready to meet the expert and subscribe to the plan? 

The HOTH Keyword Planner Reviews

After the products, this company offers free tools for all beginners in SEO. Keyword Planner is your life-saver when you do not have a paid keyword search tool. In addition, this one is integrated with SEMrush! 

You can check any keyword you need, and it will give you 5 valuable pieces of information, are:

  • Keyword research volume 
  • Competition rate 
  • Each keyword result
  • Cost-per-click/CPC
  • Trends up or down 

If you need research, look no further than using the following link maximally! 

The HOTH Keyword Gap Analysis Reviews

Every business has a competitor who comes from a different region. Thanks to this Keyword Gap Analysis, you may research your business enemy deeply. 

Merely input your website and their website, and voila! You’ll get the analysis and compare the keywords used. In addition, this tool allows you to input up to 3 domains from your competitors! 

This SEMrush-powered tool will benefit you in doing particular evaluations. Therefore, you can check anything that can be fixed and search for another method to optimize your website

The HOTH SEO Ranking Checker Reviews

Not only do you focus on the keyword, but the report after publishing content must also be checked. SEO Ranking Checker allows you to see the keyword ranking used on your website. 

Furthermore, you may get a search volume, traffic, and trending status report. Merely input your domain, and this SEMrush-integrated tool will dig deeper into it thoroughly. 

This perk is advantageous for you because the result includes a hundred keywords. Thus, you may see it thoroughly and fix the keyword with lower-rank traffic to update the content

The HOTH SEO Freelance Writing and Scholarship Program

This company considers many things to broaden its audience. Therefore, it opens opportunities for many SEO enthusiasts. It offers Freelance Writing Jobs and SEO Scholarship programs.

The programs are for university students who want support and a chance to learn about Search Engine Optimization. Plus, The HOTH welcomes freelancers who need to earn more money. 

So if you’re interested in this program, you may apply for Blog Writers or get a recommendation to pass the scholarship test. Then, prepare the best to become The HOTH company’s employee! 

How Does The HOTH Work?

If you have fixed your mind, let’s see the procedure to utilize service from The HOTH. Ensure to follow it gradually so that you don’t confuse yourself. 

How Does The HOTH Work?
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Without further ado, take a look closer at the steps below! 

  1. First of all, sign up for an account on the official website
  2. Login to your account and choose your preferred service. 
  3. If you need more explanation, book a consultation with the expert via online meeting or call. 
  4. After that, subscribe to the plan and complete the payment. 
  5. Once your payment is confirmed, the team will start the project. 
  6. After several weeks, you will get the report. 
  7. You may follow up on the report if there is an evaluation. 
  8. Congratulations! You are now ready to engage more audiences! 

Every client will have a Person in Charge. Then, you can ask them immediately if you face a problem. 

The HOTH Pricing

How much does the Hoth cost?

Some of you may be confused because our discussion differs from tools and products. So, is The HOTH free to use? The answer depends on the service you utilize. The tools are accessible, yet it is limited in several features. 

Meanwhile, the main product is paid for based on your preferred service. The fee starts from $60 up to $1000. However, you may also need additional service, which requires more budget.

This company wants you to get benefits from the plan. You can check the SEO Discount page to see available promotions. Also, it has Affiliate Program for mutual benefits. Then, are you ready to get the offer? 

The HOTH Pros and Cons

If you’re curious about how good the brand is, don’t forget to check on its minus point. Then, here are the pros and cons of The HOTH: 


  • Trusted marketing agency to grow business branding. 
  • Focusing on SEO and PPC 
  • Offers free SEO tools on the official website 
  • Free 1-on-1 consultation with the expert 
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • A refund occurs based on the unfinished projects 


  • The active contract is ineligible for cancellation. Clients need to contact the campaign manager to make it clear. 

The HOTH Customer Reviews

What do customers think after ordering service from this company? You can see the recap by reading this section thoroughly. Without stopping by, let’s start the discussion! 

The HOTH Customer Reviews
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95% of clients of this company give a 4/5 or 5/5 rating on The HOTH. As a result, this company gets a 4.8/5 rating out of 2926 testimonials. Below is one of them: 

It is amazing as usual! I love the staff, dashboard, process, and products. They always go above and beyond. The HOTH is definitely under-promises and over-delivers.

This client loves the service he gets from this marketing agency. In addition, he finds it incredible! 

Another client said: 

I always find The HOTH excellent and fast reliable service, the work undertaken is alway in high quality. That is why, I always return to it.

This client finds The HOTH reliable to his business. Also, the job always comes out nicely, making him reorder simultaneously.

In short, The HOTH is impressive because it provides premium outcomes for all businesses. The service is excellent due to the professional teams, resulting in good engagement. 

Is The HOTH Worth It?

The HOTH is indeed worth ordering due to its incredible features. You will be satisfied as other 2.9K clients ordered from this company. Furthermore, you can get the transparent report from professional teams. 

Is The HOTH Worth It?
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Clients, from small businesses to bigger ones, can adjust the plan. Whether you need an SEO service or generate content, the team is ready to help. Therefore, let’s schedule a consultation by clicking the link below now! 

Is The HOTH Legit?

Sometimes, online service is scary due to the frequently happened scams. Worry not because The HOTH is legitimate due to its well-written information on the official website. 

In addition, it features secure SSL, which won’t take any data or yours. Hence, you can take a relief sigh because your order is well-managed by a professional team and engage more audience! 

Where to Order The HOTH

You can order the SEO service from this company from the official website. However, contacting the expert by phone is recommended if you have more curiosity. 

Furthermore, a free consultation is available if you have no idea about SEO. The team will accompany you and deeply explain the affair so you can understand how to engage more audience

The HOTH Customer Service

Are you ready to enhance engagements? If so, please get in touch with the expert and book a consultation right away from these methods:

The team is also ready to help through the Live Chat. However, if you need to meet them face-to-face, here is the address to visit. 

The HOTH Headquarters
111 2nd Ave NE #1500 
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701
United States 


Analyzing your content is difficult and even worse if you don’t understand the knowledge. Thanks to The HOTH, you can rely on this company to thoroughly manage your website’s contents. 

Furthermore, the team with marketing experts and SEO-friendly insights will accompany you simultaneously. Thus, which service will you order? Whatever it is, let’s book a consultation now! 

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