Collaboration Klaxon – we have joined forces with Origin Coffee to create the ultimate Sourced Market espresso.

Our head of coffee, Fred, is obsessed with all things coffee and wanted a house espresso to be proud of so she contacted Origin and convinced them to create a blend that is approachable, bright and sweet, something you wouldn’t normally find in a  house blend. The Sourced Market Espresso is composed of 80% Colombia San Fermin and 20% El Salvador Santa Elena.  

Last summer Origin visited the small Colombian towns of Planadas and Gaitania that neighbour San Fermin, sitting along the Rio Claro in Colombia’s southern department Tolima.Whilst visiting each town they tasted the daily pickings from the producers who contribute to San Fermin which they then isolated into lots and blended them to create a new version of San Fermin. This new, highly considered version of San Fermin has a familiar profile with highly defined flavours, offering the resolute blend a creamy and hugely coating body.

Santa Elena has been at the heart of Origin’s blends for years. The owner, Fernando Lima is a quiet and kind man with a welcoming smile. The Santa Elena farm is based at a very high altitude with dense shade over the coffee trees. This combination allows the coffee cherries to slowly ripen, developing complex and sweet flavours. Fernando then takes his coffee to his Serbia Mill closer to Coatepeque where it is washed and dried in thin layers on patios.  It then get’s transported over to Origin HQ who treat it like their first born, blend it and deliver it to Sourced Market, legends.

You can enjoy our collaboration at all of our markets both to drink in and to take home and enjoy.