Shrubs and Seltzers – how to make your own, 100% natural, soft (and not so soft) drinks at home with Longflint

Come and join us in our Marylebone Tap Room at 7pm on the 13th April for an excellent masterclass.

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on the back of a can of pop and thought – yuck! Well now you can learn the secrets of 100% natural lemonades, fruit seltzers and historic drinking vinegars (that go brilliantly with gin and vodka!).

Longflint make a range of natural alcoholic drinks using methods handed down over the centuries. In this workshop you’ll get to make an oleo sacchrum (or sugar oil) which you’ll then use as the base of the best lemonade you’ve ever had and then go on to learn the secrets of the shrub, and old prospectors drinking vinegar that’s packed full of goodness from raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar.

Want to know more? Then come and meet the guys from Longflint who will show you:

  • How to prepare the basis of a 100% natural alternative to mass produced soft fizzy drinks
  • How to prepare your drinks so they are ready to carbonate including measuring the sugar content of your final drink
  • How to use a simple DIY method of making your drinks fizzy at home
  • The science behind drinking vinegars AKA shrubs and how to make your own version to take home with you (NB – Bring your own fruit, vinegar and sealable jar – see below)
  • How to construct the perfect carbonated Gin Fizz using a Longflint pineapple shrub and some professional carbonating equipment (don’t worry – it’s easy and fun and you’ll all get a drink at the end!)

Plus – take home a bottle of Longflint’s Rhubarb and Vodka Seltzer

Note: To make your shrub to take home please bring a 750-1000ml sealable glass jar such as Kilner screw top preserve jar and any fruit you fancy (pear, raspberry, apple, citrus – anything will work!)