Yorkshire Pasta

Yorkshire Pasta have fine tuned their production process, their attention to detail and research into traditional Italian pasta methods combined with local Yorkshire flour has created a superb pasta. Just over a year old the family run business, hit the ground running in the summer of 2019 with the ambition to develop, produce and sell premium quality Yorkshire Pasta. 

Sourcing their only ingredient from a nearby mill means getting the best quality flour and receiving fresh deliveries every week. Not only does this support local businesses but also helps to reduce their food miles and carbon footprint. Hurrah!

Refining their superb pasta has meant spending many hours studying the high quality pasta producers of Italy, often family run artisan businesses themselves, they have learnt, practised and refined their traditional methods. Through all their research they have fine tuned their method to create a fantastically flavoured, sauce absorbing absorbing, easy to digest pasta. This is a pasta that we are proud to feature in our retail selection at  Sourced Market Leeds.

We are thrilled to be supporting and sharing their product with you. 

We’ve also got delicious homemade pasta sauces by Bio Orto to pair with your Yorkshire Pasta.