We’re Feeling Hot Hot Hot!


Feeling inspired by his family’s passions, grandfather’s determination and his foodie obsession, Pritesh set out to create a hot brand.

Back in the early 60’s Pritesh’s grandfather came to England, penniless but with the determination to succeed, which lead him to create, what is now, one of the UK’s oldest and most treasured spice suppliers. Growing up in a world of spices set Pritesh on a foodie loving path after studying his Law degree.

Pritesh may have found himself far away from the law career his family had hoped for, but he was following in his grandfather footsteps.  With the determination to work within the food and drink industry, Pritesh started working as a Drinks Marketer, where he spent over 10 years advising major brands on strategy and trends.

Soon, Pritesh came to realise that there was a disconnection with peoples eating and drinking habits; the pizzazz was lost. But, Pritesh fire was not. Pritesh went on to create his own spicy empire to put the zing back into everyone’s lives.

World of Zing creates a range of on-trend products that can be dolloped into a sandwich or poured into a cocktail.