In just a short time, Bill and Harry have gone from market stall vendors to major purveyors of a premium product. When we met Wolff-Evans in 2015, we finally found a locally produced Scotch egg that matched our criteria.

What a joy it was to take our first bite of a Wolff-Evans Scotch egg. For starters, it had a slightly runny yolk – which was exactly what we were after. More importantly, it was made from top-quality ingredients and had been lovingly hand-rolled in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

The father and son team use free-range eggs and 100% pork shoulder meat, which they source from Wicks Manor Farm nearby. Better yet, their savoury snacks come in a range of flavours that change seasonally. Caramelised Red Onion, Jalapeño and English Mustard are just a few of the options featured on the current menu. There’s even a chickpea alternative, so veggies need not miss out.

What happened next

Although we were huge fans of Wolff-Evans’ Scotch eggs, we knew we were taking a gamble; not everyone likes soft, runny yolks as much as we do. But these breadcrumbed delights quickly won over our customers and they’re now one of our most popular products.

We’ve loved working alongside Bill and Harry to promote their Scotch eggs and to help spread the word about their brand. They’ve come over to hold sampling sessions, which have been hugely successful in terms of enticing new customers, and they’ve also supported us with numerous events, including the opening night at our Marylebone site.

Wolff-Evans is one of our most cherished finds. We think they make – and are – some really good eggs.

We first came across Sourced Market after reading an interview with Ben, the founder, in a magazine article. We connected with their ethos and approach to good food and wanted to be part of all that they offered. We have grown from supplying one location to three and it has added to our credibility as a food producer. They’ve given us fantastic exposure under our own brand name at London’s busiest station.

Sourced Market are fair and honest to suppliers and they want to grow their brand just like we do. Everyone there knows us, from the deli floor to the head office; we’re always made to feel welcome.