Wolff Evans & Sons

Glorious hand made Wolff Evans scotch eggs and Sourced Market, the two were made for each other. It’s certainly  not any old scotch egg and we’re not any old market. Wolff Evans are extremely fussy about the way they make their scotch eggs and we know our Sourced Market customers appreciate that.

Here are some of the Wolff Evans scotch egg fundamentals:

Soft golden yolks: from free range happy hens naturally, no nasty colourings. They boil them to an exact time so they are soft but 100% safe.

Irresistible surrounds: the meat is sourced from a local family farm who rear their pigs with care and respect, it’s pork shoulder, seasoned, simple as that.

The Veggie egg: one of the most popular flavours, packed with beetroot, carrot, peppers, ginger and spices which turns the egg pink, which is fun.

If you want them to taste even better, heat them up in a very hot oven for 3-4 minutes.

These are truly exceptional scotch eggs – that you’ll want to try again and again!

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