Andy Harris started making vinegar about 20 years ago when he bought his first vinegar pot in a French flea market and has been obsessed with making the stuff ever since. As a food and travel writer, well-known magazine editor and excellent cook, Andy has tasted many of the world’s most interesting vinegars on his culinary travels over the years.

Born out of a love of vinegar, Vinegar Shed is a fine food business devoted to bringing some of the world’s most interesting, organic and exclusive vinegars to a wider audience. They travel regularly around Europe and further afield to find passionate artisans making some very special small-batch products – all are guaranteed to add some amazing flavour and excitement to your everyday cooking.

Visiting the best balsamic producers in Modena, the finest sherry vinegar makers of Spain and France’s regional artisan wine and cider vinegar producers on his culinary tours. He has a notable collection of bought vinegars in his larder and uses all of them for different recipes on a regular basis. It’s not surprising then that vinegar has long been one of Andy’s greatest passions but it wasn’t until he started making his own that he realised the full potential and joys of homemade vinegar. he started making different vinegars in pots and barrels in his kitchen and garden shed but now has a dedicated ‘Vinegar Atelier” where different vinegars are made and aged in huge French oak barrels and different Italian wood barrels, under the ‘London Vinegar’ brand.

There are fabulous Banyuls wine vinegars, including a sensational saffron blend and Vermeil vinegar spiced with cloves and cinnamon. Some stunning herb and fruit flavoured vinegars made by Cistercian nuns in the Languedoc, and wonderfully fragrant Normandy cider vinegar all curated by Andy.

Andy’s wonderfully curated collection of vinegars and seasonings are now available at our Marylebone market.

“A little goes a long way with all the products, all can help enhance all aspects of your cooking and recipes” – Andy Harris, Vinegar Shed