Umbrella Brewing is an independent brewery in Holloway, North London. Matt Armitage has been on a mission to create the best alcoholic ginger beer on the market.

The brainchild of cocktail expert & master brewer, Matt. He wanted to create a well-balanced but firey alcoholic ginger beer – so he did. His ethos is ‘great products start with great ingredients’ & he has stuck true to this. Inside each bottle you’ll only find ginger root & lemons which have been sourced from local markets. These are freshly pressed when the flavours are at their peak, highlighting the best the ingredients have to offer.

Matt & his team only use natural ingredients in the ginger beer, which creates sediment in every bottle. Unlike many craft beers with sediment; Umbrella Brewery ginger beer needs to be turned upside down before drinking. By doing so,  you’re ‘waking up’ the unique, firey flavour of the of the (all important) ginger. It’s cloudy, fiery & alcoholic with rich molasses. This is supported by the perfect balance of harp citrus & a subtle hint of malt, which is gently carbonated & very refreshing.

All of the artwork on Umbrella’s labels are constantly changing. They are looking to collaborate with different, fresh & upcoming artists, designers & creative types. In our markets you’ll currently find a tribute to the vinyl sleeves of Decca Records from the 60s & 70s. These were really striking designs, & were inspired by Matt’s business partner (Stephen)’s favourite song – ‘Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones.