“To be in a floating world, detached from the bothers of daily life” in Japanese is simply ‘ukiyo’.

Swap your caffeine buzz for the alert calmness of a UKIYO matcha tea. Packed with anti-oxidants, nutrients and vitamins, this matcha is the zen master of teas.

UKIYO is a London start-up, hand-blending this traditional ceremonial tea into a unique and beautifully-crafted range of flavours, using only the best tea from the shaded hills of Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture.

The distinctive pistachio-coloured powder in these gorgeous reusble metal tins is super flexible; UKIYO recommends making a matcha smoothie, topping your breakfast bowl, or even shaking up a delicious matcha cocktail!

Sample their amazing flavours of liquorice and mint, chocolate orange, spiced ginger, blueberry ginseng or cinnamon apple. Or take a calm moment to serve yourself their ceremional grade pure matcha tea; silk kimono optional.

Ukiyo matcha tea. tin

Ukiyo tea