An Unexpected Love for Chocolate

Chocolate was never a career that Julie Devonald expected to venture into. After studying textile design she needed to make a little extra cash over the Easter holidays. She found a temporary job opening working for Gerard Ronay, the leading British Chocolatier of the time.

Julie may have assumed that the job was only temporary but her love for chocolate making stuck with her and she continued working for Gerard Ronay. She soon became an experimenter; with flavour and using the skills she’d gained from her textiles design course to help her create beautiful looking creations.

After working for another award-winning London-based chocolate house, Julie went into creating her own range of delicious chocolate treats and in 2008 established The Chocolate Libertine.

“Chocolate is a fascinating medium to work with and we treat each piece like a design project” – Julie.

The Chocolate Libertine are known for their hand-painted chocolates, making them a perfectly scrumptious gift.

The Chocolate Libertine sourced only the best quality indigents from trusted sustainable suppliers and use Fair Trade products whenever they’re available. The company also like to go that extra step by using compostable bags when possible.