Sam Rosenheim’s career as a high-end chef has taken him to Corsica, Barbados and back to the UK. The Yummy Tummy Co pots are made at King’s Cross (just next to us!) and together we’re bringing healthy meals to busy Londoners.

We started working with Sam when his business was called 5 out of 5 – the idea being to contribute to peoples’ five a day in a tasty and convenient way. Before we opened our own kitchen, Sam was one of the main suppliers to our deli, providing wholesome tray bakes, soups and salads.

After a while, Sam shifted his focus and developed The Yummy Tummy Co – a range of handmade and hand-packed pots containing locally sourced ingredients that are free from gluten, wheat and refined sugar.

Sam’s current menu offers a variety of colourful options, from the Tantalising Tandoori Chicken to the no less adventurous vegan option, aptly named The Spice of Life.

What happened next

In spite of a name change and a brand overhaul, Sam’s original goal remains the same: to make it easy for time-pressed Londoners to grab a quick lunch that’s packed full of nutrients and exciting flavours.

Sam’s pots are now stocked in all three of our markets. We’ve loved seeing his brand evolve over the years and are delighted that The  Yummy Tummy Co  keeps growing bigger and bigger.

We’ve learnt so much over the last few years and Sourced Market has been there the whole way.

Sourced is an energetic and trendsetting brand that’s making a real name for local artisan produce. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Sam Rosenheim, The Yummy Tummy Co