St Pancras Beer Festival

From 1st October, St Pancras International will be hosting their third annual beer festival. The 10-day festival celebrates the history of St Pancras and it’s long-standing history-shaping London’s drinking culture.

Did you know that the 688 pillars that still feature throughout St Pancras were built to support the upper deck which was once a beer barrel warehousing space, each one of them is exactly 14 feet apart, the size of multiple beer barrels! Definitely check out the St Pancras website for more fascinating beer history.

Although the festival may look a little different this year, the beer will still be chilled and ready to enjoy!

We are offering x6 330ml chilled beers for £15 including: 

Brick Brewery Peckham Pilsner⁠

Kernel Export Stout⁠

Gipsy Hill Bandit Gluten Free Pale

Brixton Atlantic APA ⁠

Beavertown Lupuloid IPA⁠

⁠Redchurch Shoreditch Blonde⁠

St Pancras will be running a competition on their platforms so be sure to check it out for the chance to win a box of x 12 (330ml can) beers and 4 snacks chosen from our delicious selection of British produce.