Source Climate Change Coffee

Source Climate Change Coffee is a Harrogate based, conservation led coffee company. Their mission is to bring the finest tasting organic, specialty, coffees from around the world, produced by growers committed to reforestation and conservation.

Based in Harrogate, the company was set up by Cristina Talens after she visited the Amazon forest in Peru and saw first-hand the impact of rainforest destruction on local communities and biodiversity. 

Each Source Climate Change Coffee has its own unique flavour, determined by the characteristics of the soil and altitude of the cloud forest where it is grown. As well as being our main in house coffee supplier, they also offer biodegradable and compostable capsules which you can find in our retail section which conveniently come in reusable Jute bags!

We are so excited to be sharing Source Climate Change Coffee’s message and product, as well as serving tasty coffee. 

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