Single Variety Co was created in 2016 by Nicola Simmons. After 10 years working within the food industry – she was disillusioned by the mass produced foods being churned out of large factories, packed full of ingredients nobody had heard of.

Remembering the simple method of preserving which had been taught to Nicola by her parents, she decided to start making jams again in her kitchen at home. After doing so (& loving it) Nicola created Single Variety Co. The concept was to create a simple but high quality products & the brand came to life.

As the name suggests – there’s only a single variety of fruit used in the preserves. They have much more fruit & much less sugar than traditional jams you’ll find in the supermarkets.

Sustainability & seasonality is key at Single Variety Co. Only seasonal fruit sourced from UK farms & natural ingredients go into these small batch, award-winning jams. Using the fruits which are in season not only cuts down the shipping, but also creates an ever changing range of flavours throughout the year.