George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw have been with us from the start. We could tell that they’d tapped into a niche by bringing top-of-the-range salami into pubs and bars. All their products are simple, traceable and seriously moreish.

It all started at the pub. George and Johnny were down at their local, debating the perfect pub snack. They realised there wasn’t really a quality alternative to the usual selection of crisps, peanuts and pork scratchings. So they came up with the concept of “posh Pepperami” – and Serious Pig was born the next day.

They started their venture with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but little experience in the food industry. That’s where we came in. We knew there’d be a market for authentic salami made from the finest, outdoor-bred British pork and a delicate blend of herbs and spices. What’s more, the brilliant, snack-sized packaging meant these high-protein nibbles could be easily enjoyed on the go, or shared with friends over a craft beer or two.

What happened next

We love supporting innovators and Serious Pig are exactly that. (They came up with a clever system that controls the air temperature and lets them produce up to 11,000 salamis in one go!)

Being listed by Sourced Market has helped their business to attract investment, most notably from BrewDog, which has been selling the gourmet bites in BrewDog bars for a couple of years now. Serious Pig has also attracted a number of accolades, including a few Great Taste Awards across their range of products.

The Peckham-based pair have recently launched a new product – Snackling – which is made from just three simple ingredients: pork, sea salt and olive oil. This crispy, golden oven-roasted crackling is available in all three of our markets – we invite you to come and pig out.

Sourced Market is a significant forward step for a brand. It’s given us a good revenue stream, and their high footfall means a good rate of sale! Working with Sourced is also a great way to meet other suppliers and share contacts and information.

Over the years we’ve gotten to know the team well and genuinely enjoy working with them; it’s important to do business with people you like.

George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, Serious Pig