‘What to drink when you’re not drinking’®

– Seedlip

There’s no need to worry about getting up for work the next day after a night out, Seedlip have you coved. Seedlip has created a non-alcoholic spirit with all natural ingredients, so you’ll be waking up feeling as fresh as a daisy instead of a bound to your bed.

It all started around 300 years ago when physicians would embrace the natural healing powers of the nature around them. They would distil their herbal remedies in copper stills, to help the release the remedies natural healing powers. Going back, roughly, another 100 years, in 1651, John French, published The Art of Distillation; the book was a recipe bible for non-alcoholic herbal drinks.

Fast forward to 2014, The Art of Distillation book inspired Ben Branson to experiment with a small copper still and fresh herbs he’d picked from the garden. At first, the herbal distilling was a hobby but one evening while sipping on a mocktail, Ben had a light bulb moment. Yes, you guessed it, create a non-alcoholic herbal spirit.

By combining his farming heritage, love for nature, the copper still and the long lost recipes, John created Seedlip!

‘Garden 108’ is a floral blend that celebrates the English countryside. Created with hand-picked peas & homegrown hay, straight from Ben’s farm. ‘The fresh & Floral Seedlip Garden 108 captures the essence of the English countryside. Sophisticates top notes of hand-picked peas & hay and a complex herbal base character of spearmint, rosemary & thyme.’ Best served with tonic and a garnish of sugar snap peas