See You Soon St Pancras

We may be closing temporarily in St Pancras, but there is plenty to enjoy up in Leeds!

So, here we are again, in another lockdown. Necessary? That’s not for us to say,
but our sadness in closing again is coddled with a large handful of frustration.
With St Pancras now closed until the the 2nd of December (we hope, but our spider sense tells it will be longer)
Leeds, at Skelton Lakes services however, does remain open, serving all our awesome local retail,
grocery essentials, hampers and you can still pick up a fabulous coffee!
We wanted to say huge thank you to everyone that has stopped in or grabbed something to take away with us,
at St Pancras or Leeds over the last few months, your support has been incredible and it’s quite simply allowed
us to keep going, emotionally as much as financially. We look forward to continuing to welcome you
at Leeds, you’ll of course still be met by and looked after by our wonderful team.
St Pancras is now tucked up ready to reopen in December, the team are safe and at home.
We’re still working on a few Christmassy things that we hope to share with you really soon.
We can’t wait to see you again in St Pancras, we’ll be ready for you come December.
So for now, please stay
safe and well and we’ll see you soon.

Team Sourced Market