Bring Back The Chocolate We Missed

At the age of 23, Chantal Coady had a vision, to transform the way chocolate fanatics perceived premium chocolates.

Her passion for chocolate developed while working her Saturday job in the Harrods chocolate department. The indulgent, fantastical, premium chocolate paradise had her hooked, and she knew that there was only one thing she wanted to do after graduating from art school, open a premium chocolate shop.

With little knowledge, a dangerous passion and the belief that there was room to make a radical difference to the chocolate market, Chantal set out to show people that there was chocolate a million times better than the chocolate that was dominating the confectionery market at the time.

In 1983 Rococo Chocolate was founded, with their first shop opening in Chelsea during the Easter holidays.

Rococo Chocolates has grown incredibly since 1983, along with the demand for premium chocolate. Their kitchen is now based on the top floor of Rococo Towers in South London and their shops based all around central London. They now have a team of dedicated and skilled chocolatiers who develop delicious new recipes and produce award-winning truffles and caramels.

Rococco own a cocoa farm in Grenada, which allows them to control the ethical aspects of their produce which also ensures they only add top-quality cocoa to their chocolate treats, giving Rococo’s chocolate its unique flavour and making their treats a gift to remember.