Jerky with an all Year Round Festive Twist

Snack your way to becoming a true Viking! Renjer’s Traditional Jerky was inspired by torkat renkött, a traditional Nordic dish and a Viking winter survival essential.

Back in 2016, at Lund University, Sweden, three meat-loving guys used the little to no spare time they had to get creative in the kitchen with their favourite game meats. Their favourite recipe? unique jerky: Reindeer, Elk and Deer.

With the drive to be independent and to be their own bosses, the three friends took matters into their own hands, and quite literally too, all the Jerky created has been hand-sliced, like a true Viking. To guarantee the meats exotic flavours and the tenderness shine through it has been slightly spiced before being carefully dried.

From flavour to sustainability, Renjer sourced their meat wisely from speciality Swedish and Estonian hunters.  Sweden and Estonia. The top quality game meats have a ten times lower carbon footprint than beef, so not only does it taste amazing, it also does amazing things for the environment too.

Take yourself on a flavourful journey with every bite!