The husband and wife super duo of Joe and Carly started Real Handful in 2013 when their increasingly busy schedules and geeky love of food led them to see an urgent need. They couldn’t help but feel like there was a dire lack of snacks that were both nutritious and incredibly tasty.

With both having extensive backgrounds in the food and drink industry, they knew they were perfectly placed to solve this problem. Of course this immediately made Real Handful some of our favourite people!

Joe and Carly share our ideals and drive for sustainability; partnering with Community Foods and Hider Foods to provide transparency and consistency in the sourcing and production of their delicious snacks. Another passion we share is the importance of family and community. They have recently started the process of registering the Real Handful Kids Foundation which is being set up to generate funds for partner charities that support children impacted by food poverty in the UK.

The fresh Real Handful snack bags

“Why Trail Mix?” We hear you ask. Well… Joe first discovered the wonders of trail mix while training for his first Ironman Triathalon in the US. After successfully completing the challenge Joe had no doubt of the functional role that trail mix can play in an active life. Real Handful are also the only dedicated trail mix and bar company in the UK. An added bonus is that all Real Handful’s snacks are vegan AND made with gluten free ingredients. So what are you waiting for? Make this extraordinarily British take on an American classic the newest part of your on-the-go life!