Katja and Hamish set out to create a snack that put the humble peanut centre stage, and in February 2019 they founded POP (AKA. Power of Peanuts)!

POP is a range of morish, crunchy snacks bars that are crammed full of peanuts. Each bar is sweetened with maple syrup to give them a natural sweetness. POP also use as few ingredients as possible to keep things naturally delicious.

Peanuts aren’t just good for our body but they’re also good for the environment. Peanut farming uses up to 16 times less water than other nuts, and like other legumes, peanuts fix nitrogen into the soil as they grow, meaning they need less fertiliser to thrive. And, it gets better POP use air roasted peanuts from South America and the USA, meaning they never use palm oil to create our crunchy texture…fabulous!

POP strives to make improvements in terms of reducing the impact on the environment. To help them do this they donate 1% of our annual turnover to Project Peanut Butter. Project Peanut Butter is an awe-inspiring charity initiative distributing a life-saving peanut supplement (RUTF) to severely malnourished infants across Malawi, Ghana and Sierra Leone. https://www.projectpeanutbutter.org