With a passion for food and cooking, James had always been interested in starting his own cafe or restaurant. After messing around with home smoked meat and fish, he realised that by following a really traditional way of curing fish, he could produce awesome results with smoked salmon and trout, without having to smoke it too heavily.

In 2014, after being convinced by a well known chef friend that he was really on to something, The Pished Fish was born.

The Pished Fish want to create high quality products, simply packaged and beautifully displayed. They believe that the best things in life are worth spending a little more on, and that average isn’t good enough. James has always believed that change brings about exciting new products and they always try to surprise their customers with new products and ideas.

The Pished Fish only source their superior sushi grade salmon from sustainable Scottish sources that are either RSPCA assured or monitored with 95% coming from Loch Duart. They slow cure in alcohol, herbs and spices before smoking. Think of it as a combination of techniques in making both gravlax and smoked salmon. This leads to a much firmer, meatier texture and means the salmon is less greasy. They then thick slice the smoked salmon, which gives a completely different taste experience.

“Our products aren’t for the masses! We want to be stocked in independent, high quality retailers who support small artisan producers like ourselves.” – James, The Pished Fish