“We are on a quest to redefine wild and sour beer, forever.” – OverWorks

BrewDog’s new sour beer venture, OverWorks, launched in April 2018! Based in Ellon, Overworks brew house has become a neighbour to the infamous BrewDog’s main brewery.

OverWorks is currently the only producer in Scotland brewing 100% spontaneously fermented beers. They’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible with fermentations by utilising wild yeast and microbes from our environment and ingredients sourced from all over the world to produce a range of tart, funky and complex sour and wild beers.

To ensure their quirky beers are top quality, OverWorks work with a variety of high-quality suppliers and artisan producers to ensure only the best ingredients go into each batch.

Sustainability and recycling are a high on the BrewDog team’s priory list, which has also carried through to OverWorks. The team do their best to produce as little waste as possible to reduce their impact on the local environment.

The company also works closely with a local charity ‘Wood Recyclability’ who employ local people with learning disabilities and who take their old barrels and turn them into tap handles and lambic baskets.