Let The Plant-Based Eating Commence!


The plant-loving bunch, SLAW will take this January, our Marylebone market’s kitchen. SLAW’s fundamental aim is to make plant-based food more accessible by delivering delicious food full of colour and texture.

Serving between 11.30 to 15.00 and 17.30 – 20.30 from Monday to Friday until 31st January


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Anthony, Gijs and Tony came together over a shared passion for sustainability and plant-based foods. Before then, the three were indeed not from the industry, in fact very far from it! – Anthony and Gijs have known each other since childhood, while Tony and Gijs studied together at university. Anthony previously had set up Dressd, a successful (salad) dressings business.

“We all found it almost impossible to find good options on-the-go. After much study, debate and planning, we felt there was scope for creating an exciting new plant-based brand focused on fruits and vegetables at their best.” – Gijs

It was when Tony and Gijs were looking into business opportunities in the food waste space, and realised there weren’t any mouth-watering plant-based options easily available, that it suddenly occurred to Gijs to connect Anthony and Tony and to channel the shared passions to a unified goal.

All three tried and tested some of their plant-based dishes by running several sold-out supper clubs in 2018; even the heavy meat eaters lapped up their meal and forgot about the missing the meat.

Sustainability is one key element to SLAW’s core values; the company reduce food waste where possible by using the whole vegetable. SLAW also takes great focus in creating their dishes with seasonal produce to ensure they reduce the miles the ingredients have travelled.


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