*Drumroll please!* our next guest coffee has come all the way from China! Ou Yang is sourced and roasted by Kiss The Hippo, an independent speciality coffee roaster.

The Coffee:

Name: Ou Yang

China may not be the first place you think of when someone says coffee. Believe it or not, coffee has been present in China since the 1800s. However, it wasn’t until 1988 that the government-led initiatives allowed the industry to flourish.

Over the past few years, China has started to experiment and grow coffee which reaches speciality levels. Ou Yang’s farm sits in the far south-west of the country near the border with Vietnam and Laos.

This batch from Ou Yang features a unique take on the natural process method. “After being picked, the coffee cherries are placed in sealed bags for three days. Keeping the moist coffee in the sealed bags accelerates the fermentation process, which helps create the high sweetness in the cup. Afterwards, the coffee is dried in parabolic dryers that resemble greenhouses made of translucent plastic sheets instead of glass. The parabolic dryers have openings that allow airflow while retaining heat, which facilitates the drying process. This method is what makes Ou Yang’s coffee so sweet, fruity, and balanced.”

Origin of coffee: China

Location: Jiangcheng Hani, Yi County
Roast Type: medium – light
Producer: Ou Yang
Altitude: 1,250 masl
Varietal: P3, P4

Process: Natural
Scoring: 85.5

Tasting Notes: Banoffee Pie, Blackberry Coulis, Caramel Roasted Peanuts


The Roasters

The Richomond coffee roasters, Kiss The Hippo, was established in 2018. Since then, the independent, specialty roasters have stood by the fact that coffee “is more than just a beverage – it is an invitation for people everywhere to pause and take a moment for themselves.” And the award-winning team “believe [that] coffee should be as ethical as it is exceptional.”

Sustainability is an incredibly important factor for Kiss The Hippo. The company ethically source their coffee and roast it at their Soil Association Organic Certified Roastery.

The company also proudly supports coffee conservation efforts by making donations to research organizations like World Coffee Research and Kew Gardens with every kilo of coffee they buy.


Each month we love to bring new coffee to our filters. Not only does it keep your taste buds excited but you can also try before you buy! Yep, you read that right! If you really like what you’re drinking you can always buy a bag to take home, so when you can’t make it to your local Sourced Market, you can still have an extraordinary cuppa at home.