If you haven’t heard us scream about it already, we’ve got a breathtaking new evening menu launching at our Victoria Market on 3rd June.

Here’s a tastebud-tantalising guide to the new small plates and bites which are gracing the new menu at our Victoria Market.

Drumroll, please…..


Small Plates.

Pink Pickled Mooli (Vg)

with gochujang mayonnaise

Poppin’ with pink; we’ve created the perfect match for a lager by thinly slicing mooli, also known as daikon, which is a type of radish, and left it to pickle in a naturally bright pink beetroot blend. This dish is full in colour and full in flavour; expect a tart tanginess which is perfectly balanced with the sweetness and spiciness from the gochujang mayonnaise.


Pulled Pork Mole Spring Roles

with rainbow slaw and goma sauce

We’ve put a cheeky twist on a Vietnamese classic by taking inspiration from the Japanese! This refreshing dish is sweet, colourful and light; what more do you need when summer is approaching?  

Before tightly rolling freshly cut strips of carrot, cucumber, rice noodles, pickled red onion, and pork in rice paper; we slow cook the pork in pale ale, apple cider vinegar along with a mixture of traditional spices to keep the pork tender and to bring out its delicious rich flavours. This dish is served alongside a vibrant rainbow slaw and goma* sauce to dip your roles in.

*Goma meaning sesame in Japanese. Sesame is a very common ingredient in Japanese cooking; it has a distinctive light nutty flavour.


Lamb Arancini

with lemon & mint labneh

These arancini’s are no ordinary arancini, they’re a Middle Eastern take on the traditional Sicilian dish. We hand-blend rice with a mixture of aromatic spices and lamb before being shaped into little spheres, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. We then dollop a refreshing lemon and mint labneh in a dipping bowl and finally top with toasted hazelnuts and Middle Eastern spices. These crispy light bites are the perfect partner to a summery red wine.


Jerk Chicken Skewers

with coriander crema

Meet the tongue tingling dish! These jerk chicken skewers are sure to spice up your evening. Made with jerk-marinated chargrilled chicken thighs, which have been covered in a sticky honey pineapple, jalapeno glaze, making it the perfect sweet and spicy dish. Served with a side of fresh rainbow slaw and a bright, tangy coriander crema to help cool things down!


Thai Prawn Lettuce Tacos

with mango salsa

It’s time to get stuck in and use them fingers of yours! These flavour bursting lettuce tacos are created with fresh king prawns which are covered in a creamy coconut Thai red sauce and topped with a sweet, vibrant mango salsa. Why not treat yourself to a kombucha while you’re at it?!

Now, that’s how you do Asian Fusion.


Gin Infused Salmon

with avocado, lime and wasabi dressing

This delicate dish has been created with gin and tonic infused Scottish salmon by Pished Fish. The salmon has been cured over several days to intensify its flavours and to create a melt-in-the-mouth feel.

The dish is served with thinly sliced pickled cucumbers to harmonise the saltiness of the cured fish. The dish is then garnished with preserved lemon, watercress and drizzled with a flavourful avocado, lime and wasabi dressing. Believe it or not, this dish screams for a glass of bubbles.



Cassava Crisps (Vg)

with chilli salt

What’s better than a morish crunchy crisp?! Nothing!! These nutty flavoured, root vegetable crisps are the ultimate snack that you’ll find hard to share. The crisps are dusted with chilli salt before serving and accompanied with an avocado and lime dip… ¡Arriba!


Toasted Sourdough with Whipped Seaweed Butter (Vg)

sprinkled with togarashi salt

It may sound simple, but this dish is far from it. It’s the perfect accompaniment to add a little something, something to your evening meal. The freshly baked sourdough is served with a scoop of the creamiest whipped seaweed butter and then sprinkled with a traditional Japanese dry chilli salt, togarashi.


Flatbread with Butter Bean Hummus (Vg)

and charred courgette

This one’s for the serious dippers and dunkers; a warm wholemeal pitta companied by charred courgette which has a squeeze of fresh lemon on top. Then we serve it with the piece de resistance; a sweet and spicy red pepper butter bean sauce.

Someone once said, “Once you go butter bean hummus, you’ll never go back.” And we agree.


Find Victoria’s full evening menu here.