It’s that time again; we have a new limited edition filter coffee ready for you to taste. Brought all the way from the Colombian region of Tolima, ‘Bonito’ is a unique blend of Red Caturra & Colombia F6 coffee.

The hunt for our new guest coffee started back in November 2017 when Joshua Tarlo, Q Grader* for Origin, headed to Tolima. During his amazing tasting trip, Joshua found 13 coffee types which intrigued his taste buds.

All 13 coffee lots have been entered into Origins’ coffee producer competition this year. The awards were created to celebrate the outstanding coffee diversity just within the Tolima region and highlight Origin’s expertise in working with smaller sustainable farms.

Each coffee was then cupped and judge by us, alongside a small group of other coffee professionals. And ‘Bonito’ produced by The Vega Family, was this year’s winners! So there was no question: ‘Bonito’ had to be our new guest filter coffee.

With this coffee, you’ll be greeted with delicious refreshing notes of green grapes, melon and clementine with a high body while welcomed with a medium finish.

‘Bonito’ has been roasted exclusively for Sourced Market, so you won’t find a blend like this anywhere else! We can’t tell you exactly how long ‘Bonito’ will be available for, so next time you pop in Market, why not grab a cup. We’d hate for you to miss out.


*A ‘Q grader’ examines coffees from different origins and farms by scoring them based on their attributes and overall quality.