Selecting the perfect Easter gift can be a challenge, especially when there are so many delicious choices! We’ve put together a gift guide for you to help you work out which egg will suit your friends and family best. We’ve got gifts that will have some roaring for joy and ones that will leave them puzzled.

Let’s show the Easter bunny how it’s done and hop right into it!


The Surprise Lover
Rococo – Salted Caramel Seagull Eggs in Crate

Trick your friend or create the greatest Easter egg hunt with these fleur de sel salted caramel chocolates, which are startlingly disguised as seagull eggs! Each chocolate egg is encased in a delicate sugar shell and filled with salted caramel ganache. The 12 chocolates are presented in their very own egg box, adding an extra little touch to your trickery!

Rococo are the masters behind this inventive gift. They’re known for pushing the boundaries and have been providing first-class chocolate since 1983. Their knowledge, passion and creativity have helped change the way people think about chocolate today.


The Easter Addict
Paul Rhodes – Hot Cross Bun

This one isn’t a chocolate egg, but we couldn’t forget about our hot cross buns, AKA: an Easter essential! This one is for the real Easter Addicts; we class hot cross buns as the cherry on top of a great Easter. Our hot cross buns are generously filled with sweet vine fruits and seasonal spices. We like to serve them the traditional way, lightly toasted with a slab of melting butter.

Our Hot cross buns are delivered fresh every day by Paul Rhodes Bakery. The bakery was founded in 2003 by former Michelin-starred chef Paul Rhodes, whose aim was to bring quality handcrafted bread, cakes and pastries to all, which he has successfully achieved!


The Wild One
The Chocolate Libertine – Blue Egg

This abstract animal print inspired egg is for the serious egg hunter, the one who will push between the trees and not afraid to get on their knees. Each egg has been hand beautifully painted and packed into a straw-filled box which is sealed with a bow. Honestly, you’d be wild not to treat yourself to one too.

Julie Devonald, the woman behind The Chocolate Libertine, went into creating a chocolate empire in 2008 after her career took an unexpected but eventful turn.


The Nutty One
Autore – Milk Choc Egg with Pistachios

We all have that one family member who’s a little nutty and deserves the perfect Easter gift to match. Autore’s artisanal milk chocolate egg is COVERED in pistachios sourced from Bronte, Sicily, making it the ultimate nutty, crunchy, flavour punchy gift! Presented in a colourful gift box that frames the egg in all its glory.

This egg has travelled all the way from San Marco dei Cavoti, Italy. Antonio, the founder of Autore, uses his Italian roots and traditional recipes from the Roman era to create a range of creative, courageous chocolate.


The Ones Who Want More
Rococo – Rococo Honeycomb Milk Egg 380g

This is the gift that will keep on giving. Enclosed in an extra-thick 40% cacao milk chocolate honeycomb egg, you’ll find chunks of organic honeycomb pieces, enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. In true style, the egg is wrapped in glistening copper foil and housed in a Rococo’s distinctively designed gift box.

Chantal Coady founded Rococo at the age of 23. She had a vision, to transform the way chocolate fanatics perceived premium chocolates. Her passion for chocolate developed while working her Saturday job in the Harrods chocolate department. The indulgent, fantastical, premium chocolate paradise had her hooked, and she knew that there was only one thing she wanted to do after graduating from art school, open a premium chocolate shop.


The Chocolate Indulger
The Chocolate Libertine – Honeycomb Beehive 1kg

How much deliciousness can you handle? This is the gift that keeps on giving!  Intricately decorated with chocolate bees and honeycomb hexagons, this beehive milk chocolate, honeycomb egg is for the ones who want to dive into the Easter spirit fully. This astounding chocolate egg weighs in at 1kg, how much do you think you can handle?!

The Chocolate Libertine is known for its beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted chocolates. Julie (the founder) has always been an experimenter of flavours and colours. Using the skills she’d gained from her textiles design course helped her create striking chocolate designs.


Hatching only the best: we have many more artisan Easter gifts in all our Markets. Check out our Instagram for more or pop in when you’re next passing. We’d love to see you!