The festive season is in full swing, and it’s the time of year, to eat, drink and be merry! However, there will be some times throughout the jolly period when you’ll need a little pick-me-up, whether that’s because you’re struggling to finish your Christmas shopping or battling the post-party headache.

With food being one of the best things about the festive season we’ve put together a foodie survival guide to help keep your Christmas running as smooth as can be!


Ultimate Christmas Celebration Sandwich

If you’re yet to feel the festive buzz our ultimate Christmas celebration sandwich guaranteed to boost your spirits!

We’ve brought together all the classic elements of Christmas dinner; succulent slices of slow-cooked turkey, alongside the smoky bacon, spinach and cranberry sauce to add a touch of sweetness.


Coffee & Mince Pie

Time is ticking and if you haven’t done your big Christmas shop already you better hop to it! But it’s hard to find the energy, right? Yep, we’ve all been there.

Fuel your Christmas shopping by starting the day with a cup of our bespoke coffee and a mince pie; the ultimate classic Christmas pastry with rich mincemeat filling made by the award-winning bakery, The Flour Station.



The Chocolate Libertine

There’s always room for one more stocking present, so why not make it a beautiful and delicious one! This beautiful hand-painted star has been created by The Chocolate Libertine with the finest Belgian Chocolate.

Julie Devonald, the woman behind The Chocolate Libertine, went into creating a chocolate empire in 2008 after her career took an unexpected turn. Julie has always been an experimenter of flavours and colours. Using the skills she’d gained from her textiles design course helped her create striking chocolate designs.



Crosta & Mollica Classic Panettone

Christmas is a time where you can never indulge on too many sweet treats. Panettones are an Italian cake that is traditionally given to friends and family at Christmas. The cake is light in texture and sweet in flavour from the sultanas and candied orange peels.

Crosta & Mollica was found in 2009 by James Orr. The idea came to James when he was a graduate agricultural technologist working with a company that imported Italian fruit. Whilst driving through the beautiful Italian countryside, he was stopping off to visit farmers and their families who grew and cooked the most delicious food. James fell in love with Italy and their cuisine and started to plan how he could bring it back to Britain. That’s when Crosta & Mollica was born.



Cartwright & Butler Maple & Pecan Dark Chocolate Digestives

Let’s be honest when Boxing Day arrives all you’re probably planned to veg out on the sofa all day, as all the celebratory drinks yesterday has given you a little bit of a sore head. To keep you feeling cosy and to cure that hangover, we suggest you pop the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and start dunking maple and & pecan digestives into your tea. Each digestive is laden with maple syrup and pecans, then coated and drizzled with rich, dark chocolate.


Cartwright & Butler dates back to 1981 where a family sold a range of homemade jam at a local farmers’ market in Yorkshire. Five generations later, the company is still based in Yorkshire and creates an amazing range of traditionally unique foodie gifts and products.