It’s time to raise a beer to celebrate St Pancras International station’s 150th anniversary. To celebrate the building’s link with the brewing industry we’re  joining the party, bringing you a whole week of London’s best craft beers.

The station’s history with beer started in 1860s: three beer trains a day from Burton-on-Trent would pull into the station full with beer barrels for the ‘ale run’. The wagons were loaded and then lowered from platform level by hydraulic lift into the storage area, which was purposely designed to store beer from Bass, Thomas Salt and other popular Victorian brewers

The ‘barrel vault’ arches of the concourse around what is now the Eurostar entrance are still visible in the station today, and they’ve given us the term ‘barrel vaulted’.

To honour this tradition St Pancras are throwing a 150th birthday celebration of brewing. And Sourced is delighted to take part. Each day of the week we will be showcasing a brewery, you’ll have the chance to sample and buy their innovative beers. Each of the six breweries is unique in its own way, from how it started to the type of beers created.

Our London craft brewery roll-call: Deviant & Dandy, Fourpure, Brick, Brixton, Forest Road & Toast Ale

Kicking off the week will be Deviant & Dandy, an independent craft brewery based in Hackney, London. Founded in 2017 in a back garden, Byron and Ben’s modern thinking, beer enjoying, banter loving habits found them creating a range of exciting new beers. They believe that IPA shouldn’t always be your go-to beer. Their plan is to broaden your drinking spectrum with their wide range, from their Dandy style beers like pale ales and lagers to their Deviant styles like IPA and new world sours.

Next on the agenda out Tuesday pop-up take-over is by Fourpure Brewing Company, a brewery that respects the four core ingredients used to create beer: grain, yeast, hops and water. This is exactly where Dan and Tom, the founders, gained inspiration for the breweries name, Fourpure. Inspired by their travels and the age-old industry the two brothers have created a range of year-round beers, from easy drinking to more innovative and interesting ‘small batch’ beers, and not forgetting their in-house barrel ageing programme which focused on sours and darker ales. Founded 2013, you’ll find Fourpure tucked away in railway arches in South Bermondsey.

To brighten up your mid-week slump Brick Brewery will be running the show on Wednesday. Founded by Ian in 2013, the microbrewery has upgraded from its shed in Peckham to a railway arch in Peckham Rye. Ian became inspired by his travels to create unique around the world flavoured craft beers. Every recipe has been built from passion, just like Bricks tap yard, which was built with Ian and his brewery team’s bare hands!

On Thursday we transport your taste buds South of the river. Brixton Brewery was once just a dream. Jez and Libby and Mike and Xochitl, two couples from Brixton who met accidentally, discovered they had a passion drinking amazing beer and had vision to bring a craft brewery to Brixton. Fast forward to 10 years later, Brixton Brewery is now one of London’s established craft breweries. The Brewery has six core beers but they’re like to throw a few experimental ones into the mix too.

Seeing you through to the weekend will be Forest Road Broweing Company. The brewery started when four friends, Pippo, Joss, Marcus, Freddie, needed a new housemate. Pete, a brewer, from Boston became the 5th member of the household. They ended up brewing beer in the garden and tried and tested it in the pub next door, which loved it. Their garden quickly became too small to meet demands, so Pete headed to an old brewery in Belgium where he made a much larger batch of beers. Working as a team to promote the brand, the friend’s business boomed London-wide.

On Saturday you’ll be greeted warmly by the Toast Ale team, who starting brewing in 2016 to create their award-winning beers. The brewery creates innovative beers from artisan bread that would otherwise be discarded as waste. All of Toast Ale’s profits go to charity, Feedback, an environmental organisation that campaigns to end food waste at every level of the food system. They’re “on a mission to prove that the alternative to waste is delicious and pint-sized!”

Closing the week off as strongly as they started the week will be Deviant & Dandy. We’re so excited to be celebrating St Pancras station birthday with such a great range of breweries. Come and meet the breweries, try some amazing craft beers and take some home with you.

The pop-up is opposite the Eurostar entrance on St. Pancras concourse.

Serving free tastings between:

Mon-Fri: 3-7pm
Sat –Sun: 12-4pm