If you haven’t already heard, it’s been 10 years since we hit the street of London. To celebrate 10 phenomenal years we’re spilling the beans; here are our current favourite products!


Brindisa Catalan Almonds:

We’ve worked with Brindisa since 2009 and couldn’t imagine life without them! The Award-winning business is a tribute to traditional Spanish foods.

Brindisa was founded in 1988 by Monika Linton, when Spanish gastronomy was almost non-existent in the UK! Monika couldn’t keep all the delicious Spanish recipes to herself any longer; she just had to share them! 


Yummy Tummy:

Yummy Tummy Co handmade and hand-packed food pots

We started working with Sam when his business was called 5 out of 5 – the idea being to contribute to peoples’ five a day in a tasty and convenient way. Before we opened our own kitchen, Sam was one of the main suppliers to our deli, providing wholesome tray bakes, soups and salads.

After a while, Sam shifted his focus and developed The Yummy Tummy Co – a range of handmade and hand-packed pots containing locally sourced ingredients that are free from gluten, wheat and refined sugar. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out!


Plenish Shakes:

Plenish is on a mission to fuel a healthier world. The award-winning, plant-powered company was founded by Kara Rosen in 2012.

Each drink is carefully created to maximise plant-fuelled nutrition and minimise our impact on the planet! Every ingredient used to create the drinks has been sustainably sourced by working with selected farmers who produce high-quality organic ingredients.



Ollybars all-natural energy bars do exactly what they say on the label; to fix your afternoon slump without feeling a sugar crash an hour later.

Ollybar’s have been with us from the beginning, and have been getting Londoner’s from one meal to the next without suffering any cravings or uncomfortable sugar crashes, by only using all-natural, whole ingredients.


Camden Beer:

If you haven’t guessed it already, Camden Town Brewery did, in fact, start in Camden!

In 2010 Jasper Cuppaidge transformed five Victorian railway arches into a brewery. The craft beer extraordinaires set out to create great lagers, wheat beers and American style pale ales in the heart of London, because no one else was hitting the mark.

Today, they’re still on top of the lager game!


Fishers Gin:

The new kid on the block, which we can’t get enough of, has to be Fishers Gin.

Fishers Gin is crafted in the seaside town of Aldeburgh and infused with local herbs and coastal botanicals, which are sustainably sourced and foraged by botanist Andrew! Each bottle captures the wild and forgotten flavours of the British Isles! 

Now, that’s how you bottle the power of the sea.


Reserve De Gassac Rose:

 “This wine is really yummy” – Teyah, Assistant Manager at Marylebone. We agree, Teyah! 

This stony, berry fruit rosé echoes Gassac’s well-known pedigree.  Expect ripe, crisp, dry notes along with a refreshing hint of summer berries.

A big thanks to Les Caves De Pyrene because we wouldn’t have this wine, and lots of our other wines, without you!


Diana’s Chocolates:

Hand-crafted in a small kitchen in Hornsey, London, Diana;s dairy-free delicately flavoured chocolate bars are perfectly blended with a combination of unique and daring flavours.


Fairfield Farms:

Fairfield Farm are potato specialists and have been farming in East Anglia for three generations. The starchy lovers grow twelve different potato varieties on their beautiful farmland, which you’ll find across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex.

The family grow their own special varieties of crisping potatoes which are hand cooked on the farm and then delivered straight to Sourced Market. Who knew crisps could taste so good!



England Preserves:

It may be 18 years later but England Preserves still make all their preserves by hand in Bermondsey, London. The company used locally-sourced fruit and gently creates each batch by hand to retain its flavour and colour for brighter, bolder artisanal preserves.

Well, that’s it folks; our current top 10! Have you tried any? Or do you think we’re missing your favourite product? Let us know by snapping a photo and upload to Instagram with #SourcedMarket in the descriptions. Who knows your photo could become a Sourced Market favourite and see fame.