Origin Coffee

Check out our in house coffee suppliers, we love their ethos and can't get enough of the flavour!

Their story begins over 15 years ago. Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, Origin Coffee is an independently owned specialty coffee roaster. Tom’s always been involved in the industry, working closely for his father’s coffee business growing up. But it wasn’t until he experienced Australia’s progressive coffee culture first-hand during a trip in the early 2000’s, that the idea for Origin was born.

Their approach to coffee sourcing is through direct trade, a philosophy and ethical practice true to speciality coffee. Through this practice they’re able to support their farm and mill partners directly, giving their drinkers full traceability of the coffee in their cup! Because who doesn’t like to know where their coffee comes from?

The stories behind each cup stretch across continents and through generations of expertise.  “Travelling to source is much more than just seeing where the coffee is grown. It’s about meeting the farm owners, talking to the workers and understanding how we can really make a difference. By working directly with the farmers, we can create a supply chain that is not only sustainable, but develop a relationship that can enhance the quality of the coffee produced.”

– Freda Yuan, Head of Coffee

We love Origin Coffee, and we know that you do too! We are thrilled to be working with  Origin, few things bring us as much joy as a great cup of coffee! Which is why we like to pair it with the best milks. 

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