Kate and her partner began working with tea after becoming close friends with a master tea blender. They now had access to over 700 ingredients and learnt a lot about blending, flavours and taste. Four years later, their passion for tastes, flavours and nutrition had grown. They soon realised that to get the full nutritional value out of some ingredients you couldn’t just infuse it – ideally you needed to ingest it. In that moment Noble was born.

Kate proceeded to do a nutritional course which specialised in hormonal and female health. The number of ingredients we should ideally take on a daily basis felt initially overwhelming and she started exploring the protein powders and superfood mixes available on the market. Quite quickly she realised that the nutritional potency in many was lacking and with most you needed to add to a smoothie or have as a shot as they taste pretty revolting! This balance between the nutritional benefits and depth of flavour is at the heart of Noble. Far too often things are either delicious or good for you but not both. They wanted to produce blends where there is no need for compromise.

Noble use 31 different ingredients across their five blends – with raw cacao, matcha, nettle, moringa, baobab, maca, açai, chicory, Siberian ginseng, pea and hemp protein to mention just a few. Their ingredients come from all over the world and season to season this can change depending on the crops in that year.

Taking inspiration from both traditional hot chocolate and new favourites such as matcha and turmeric latte they have brought together a master blender and a leading nutritionist to craft Golden, Roasted, Upbeet, Wild Green and Himalayan Salted Cacao. The blends are finely ground powders ready to add to hot water, milk or mylk. Whilst their blends can be a beneficial addition to a smoothie, unlike many other powdered drinks available, there is no need to improve the taste by adding to other ingredients or having it as a shot.

Instead the Noble blends are about taking a moment to be good to yourself with a drink that’s nutritionally good for you. In this increasingly busy and fast life they want you to be able to stop and enjoy a delicious hot drink. Each blend is powerfully restorative and packed full of the finest natural plant based ingredients and adaptogenic herbs. All of the blends are high in fibre with three, Golden, Upbeet and Himalayan Salted Cacao, also naturally high in protein that you will help you feel fuller for longer. Their nutrient rich superfood blends are designed to support a balanced diet with targeted health benefits – to nourish and rejuvenate your body and help it look and feel amazing. The Noble blends have the same nutritional profile as superfood mix or many protein powders but they taste delicious.