Nix & Kix is the brainchild of friends Julia & Kerstin, who both felt the need to be able to enjoy a fizzy drink without experiencing that inevitable sugar crash. All of their products are vegan, made with natural ingredients, low calorie & have no refined sugar in the bright little cans.

Whilst researching what ingredients to add to their drinks, the world of spices captured their attention as they create an exciting taste profile without adding calories. They initially tested their flavour combinations on the patrons of a small London restaurant – fine tuning how that subtle ‘kick’ of cayenne can come through in the drinks. This research helped them create their current range of three flavours – Cucumber Mint, Mango Ginger & Peach Vanilla. All of which are a much healthier option than most existing soft drinks, with less than 4.8g of sugar per 100ml!

The kick from cayenne gives them a more grown-up taste & ensures the drinks are low in calories but are still a satisfying treat. From setting up a small lab at the back of a shop in Shoreditch, Kerstin & Julia now find themselves going from strength to strength in the soft drinks industry.

Head in to any of our locations to pick up a loyalty card & work your way towards getting a free drink, branded tote bag or even a branded beanie!