“For all those times when wine is essential, glasses are now optional.”

In 2017 when Lucy and Jermery met, they both realised that they had the desire to bring something fresh, fun and exciting to the market. With their expertise from both owning consultancy businesses, specialising in UK foodie startups, and Lucy already having experienced owning a foodie startup, they both set out on a mission to create something that was truly different.

The idea of Nice started when Lucy was sitting on the sofa, with a little bit of a hangover one Sunday night. She discovered that that canned wine was a thing in the USA and decided it should be a thing this side of the pond too.

Lucy and Jermery had an idea; now it was time to create it. For a year, they worked hard on producing high quality, still French wine packed into 100% recyclable cans. The cans themselves are 250ml, 100% recyclable forever and vegan.

Nice wine pairs best with glitz, glam and parties that go on until the AM. 

It’s #WineForWhenever.