Move over popcorn, there’s a new snack in town!

Old school friends, Charlie and Darcy had a shared love for all things foodie and travel related. Both friends had a dream of opening their own business, which was far from their corporate day jobs. They put three and three together (their love for food, travel and wanting to own a business) and knew that they were a match made in heaven, in the world of business, of course.

Charlie and Darcy had two goals in mind, to create a snack that was plant-based and that was far from boring, unlike most crisps and popcorn that dominate the snacking market.

Their first stop had to be India. However, that first stop turned into the only stop, they didn’t turn back, as India is where they discovered the world of popped lotus seeds…lucky us! Soon after Native Snacks was born, and the two friends created a range of popped lotus seeds, which are unbelievably lip-smacking!

You’ll find “no naughties or nasties” in Native Snacks, only natural ingredients that have been directly sourced from farmers in India. Lotus seeds are an aquatic crop and are grown in wetland areas, where ponds are formed from the rainwater. Lotus seeds are also grown along with other plants and fish, making them great for biodiversity and a sustainable product.

Native Snacks have gone that step further, and for every pack sold, they donate 1p to their charity partner, The Bihar Development Foundation U.K., who will be running health camps and screenings for the farmers of popped lotus Seeds – helping double that smile on your face while eating this truly unique snack.