“Life is too short” – Angus Fay, the founder of MunchFit


In 2012, Angus decided it was time to start perusing his passion, so he left his job in Telecoms & Software and become a Personal Trainer!

However, like most things in life, it wasn’t as easy as Angus thought. He was training is clients perfect but the results weren’t on track. That’s when he discovered that there were limited healthy meal options to help my clients achieve their gym goals. Angus believes that to achieve your gym goals, 30% is training and 70% is down to nutrition.

Angus decided enough was enough and he started creating meals for his clients to help them reach their goals. MunchFit have three types of meals – Strong (helping with muscle gains), Lean (Low carb and helping with Fat Loss), Balanced (balanced meals with even macronutrients for weight management). The meals were so good Angus started selling them outside his client base, and oh gosh are we happy about that!

MuchFit’s meals made with ingredients which are fresh, seasonal ingredients. They are use nutrient-rich superfoods, bio-available protein sources and sustainable produce where possible. Not only is their food good but so is their packaging; there core box packaging is 100% recyclable.

All MunchFit meals are 100% Gluten Free and they use zero refined sugars. On top of that, you’ll find no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavours!